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Friday, April 2, 2010

Really Guys?

So Ryan nearly lost his position as Squad Leader because the Marines under him really screwed him over. Not listening, false information... all bad stuff. And it kills me because he works so hard and goes above and beyond only to have something like this happen. Luckily this morning when he talked to his Sgt it worked out and he is still a Squad Leader, behold the power of prayer on my end!

He is coming up for Easter (YAY!) but no 96! Sucky. Thanks USMC. And because of the drama this week he is probably going to work until 1630 and not get here until really late. I am reading at Good Friday Mass tomorrow afternoon (1500) and I am doing a reflection on one of the stations of the cross at 1930 which he probably also won't make. I want im there for the station reading more than anything, it is about him mostly, and it would help me so much seeing him there. Maybe if I get the guts to I will post my reflection here tomorrow. I am the 13th Station (Jesus Dies on the Cross) and I tie in the sacrifice Jesus made to the sacrifice those in the military made... it made my mom cry when she read it so I guess it is ok?

I was at church for a 2 hour service today and then half an hour for night prayer and now I am wiped. Night all!

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