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Sunday, April 4, 2010


What an Easter. The Easter Bunny (aka Mom) outdid herself! I cannot believe there was an iTouch in my Easter Basket!!! Absolute insanity. Thank you Mom!!!! Stefan got a PSP and we both got a whole lotta candy between us. Mom and I also built a pretty darn good basket for Ryan, if I do say so myself.

We have a family tradition when we wake up Easter morning there is a plastic egg waiting for us on the kitchen table. In that egg is a clue which leads to another egg and another clue and so on. Our last clue leads to our Easter Baskets! My dad did the clues this year... for Ryan, Stefan, and me! My dad is a hard clue giver. I got stumped at one point when I figured out the clue was in my closet but just could not find it! It was shoved in my sneaker but I got pretty frustrated and kind of snapped at people. Oops. I was just doing so well then got stumped and the boys beat me!! Ah well.

My basket was in the cooler on the shelf in the garage. Ryan's was shoved in the tip of one of the kayaks. Stefan's was in the filter box for the pool. Ryan and I then did a lot of grown up talk about budgeting and whatnot before driving to Babci and Poppy's for a HUGE Easter dinner with the family. SO good. But Ryan remembered to show me the video of the apartment, since he couldn't send it, and I wasn't paying attention so we missed the exit for the Turnpike! So we were all turned around trying to get back to the highway and yelling at one another, but we eventually figured it out and laughed about it. Ryan left from there after dinner to go back to DC and I miss him already!

Otherwise we just did lots of quality church time, he got his 100,000 mile check up on his car and some work done, and we saw Clash of the Titans.

Happy Easter!!!

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  1. sounds very similar to my easter! including the budget talking and me snapping haha! glad you guys had a great day!


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