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Monday, November 30, 2009

More Troops

Obama made his announcement.... 35,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Meaning over 100,000 troops will be there. One Marine unit will be in before Christmas. BEFORE CHRISTMAS. There are Marines and Marine families out there who were planning a holiday together who now will be apart. Large numbers will deploy early next year as well.


I am kind of scared Ryan will be in one of them. He only just got back from Iraq. He was only there about four months, not the full seven. I know he has to be home for a little while at least... but we're apart until at least January anyway and, well I have been dreading this announcement from Obama for weeks now and I am still kind of nauseous about it. Yes it could be worse. Rumors of troops ranged from 30,000-85,000 so this lower end of the spectrum is definitely a good thing.


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