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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I am 22! Holy Cannoli...

Yup, I am the double deuces. Twenty two years old. Two decades and two years old. Wow. I cannot quite wrap my brain around it...

So Ryan called me last night at 11:58pm to be the first one to officially wish me a happy birthday!! It was so sweet. He woke up early just to make sure he was the first to get to me. We talked for about ten minutes before my mom called and he had to go. This was the first time in five years someone beat my mom to wishing me a happy birthday. She said she kind of knew he would call, that's why she waited until 12:10am to call. Ryan said he sent me a letter and tried to get it to me for my birthday, but it didn't make it yet :( Maybe tomorrow? Ryan also said he wouldn't be able to talk to me again until Thursday. Bummer. I hope he is safe out on his mission.

My mom sent me a Minnie Mouse mug with flowers and a balloon, and my room mates all got me an awesome chocolate cake from Publix. I then went out to lunch with my dads' cousins John and Diane to a place called Sweet Tomatoes, it was good! Then Kayla, my room mate and I, went to Magic Kingdom. We went to the Monsters Inc show and were totally called on for the "psychic part" of the show. The show is all monsters on a screen but there are actors there who do the comedy live from somewhere backstage so it is like the monsters are interacting with you. It is pretty cool. And I had a Disney Birthday pin on (yay year of Celebrations!) so the monster comedian called us out on it. We then went on the Haunted Mansion and found the 2 hidden mickeys! After that Kayla went to work and I caught the flag lowering ceremony at the front of the park. They have the band play and a guest Military in the park helps with the ceremony and gets to keep the flag. This guy was older, a Cpl from Illinois actually, and it made me tear up.

I then drove to EPCOT and stopped by Innoventions, played and did some of the exhibits. Then Karli and I went on a Kim Possible Mission, had dinner in Japan, and watched the fireworks.

Lots of phone calls, texts, and facebooking today. People I havent talked to in years messaged me.... its strange.

And Ryan's aunt sent me a card (: It was so sweet!

OH. Anger. We found out that there is over 200lbs of mail sitting on Al Asad for Ryan and his unit. Just SITTING there. He hasn't gotten mail barely at all since he has been there and it is frustrating since he has yet to get any of my boxes. The SSgt found that out and called and bitched them out so hopefully the mail will get there soon.

Also, spent Sunday-Monday with my Uncle Dave and Aunt Darlene in Melbourne. Got my puppy fix since they have 3 yellow labs and a black lab, and one of the yellow labs is pregnant. My cousins Kim and her husband Chris were there and my cousin Michael, it was cool. We had a huge steak and shrimp dinner and they made me a vanilla cake with chocolate icing, my favorite!

All for now. Work tomorrow at 1:30. Oh what a day....


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday!! I want to be in Disney for my birthday, I think that would be SO awesome!

    And isn't Publix awesome? I'm obsessed with that place..I'm so weird! HAHA!

    Thats horrible that all that mail is just sitting there, I hope everyone gets their stuff soon!

  2. Yay birthdays!!!
    and yea Publix cakes are great!


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