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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day Two on the Floor

So last night my room mate Amanda and I were up late. We watched Bridezillas on WE and I got so angry watching it! One woman called her ex husband who was serving in Iraq and asked for more money as child support for their son... then used it to pay for more of her wedding to her new husband!! Disgusting! But then we watched What A Girl Wants, the Amanda Bynes movie, and felt better with some chick flick influence. But that prompted us to talk about our guys and we were up until after 3am!

Then at 8:30am my mom called and said Ryan was online. So I got up and dragged myself to the laptop and talked to him for half an hour, which is always wonderful. Then he had to go so I went back to bed. Half an hour later HIS mom calls and says he is back on, but by the time I got there he was gone, so I went back to bed. At 11am, my phone rings and it is Ryan! So I got to talk to him for another half an hour before I had to get ready for work. I love being able to hear his voice. It just makes my day.

Work was pretty good. Lots of shows... two audiences even got a perfect score!! I was pretty proud. One of the audiences was full, the other was three people... so that's kind of expected but the full one was exciting. Disney also does this pin trading thing... you buy a lanyard and pins and you can trade all over the parks. Cast members wear them and you can buy them at little kiosks. I got my own lanyard from my coordinator today so I get to trade pins with guests which is fun! It gives cool interaction. So I get my lanyard and the coordinator told me to go outside and greet and "spread some magic". So I did. I didn't realize it was as a task, which is a fifteen minute assignment normally when the CDS (Cast Deployment System, a computer we sign into and it gives us a piece of paper where to go or who to replace) gives it. So I was out there for an hour and a half! Oops! Luckily it wasn't busy so they just made fun of me for being outside for so long and sent me back to do more stom struck shows!

I have an early day tomorrow. Mass at 7:30am. Then I am driving to work early since a lot of roads are closed due to a Disney Women's Triathalon so I want to make sure I am at work by 9:45 when I am due. Then I work until 7:30pm and then I am driving an hour or so to Melbourne to visit my Uncle Dave. I will be there until Monday then come back.

Since Sam can't come to Disney anymore for my birthday I kind of made a new plan. I am going to go to EPCOT and get my hair washed and styled in the cast salon, it is pretty cheap. Then I will hang out for a bit and explore I guess. Then my friend Karli is working til 7:30 she gets off and we are going to explore and play in EPCOT until closing. Pretty good plan for now right?

I am pretty tired. I am probably going to finish watching the Parent Trap (ala Lindsay Lohan) on the Disney Channel of all places and then go shower and get to bed early. Night all!

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