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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Good Day

So today at work was actually pretty fun. Most of the CPs (College Program Kids) had "training" on our schedules. Reading that we all wondered what the heck it was for. Training turned out to be a bit Welcome Party in the Odyssey Building, complete with Pirate theme! We all trooped over together and Innoventions got our own table which had tons of pirate booty. We got CP cups, a treasure pouch and map, tiny plastic gems and compasses, candy, mardi gras beads, chips, cookies, and lemonade. It was pretty cool. Then the Vice President of EPCOT came and talked to us as did all the General Managers for the park. We got to see the upper echelon of it all basically.

They played this one game, Walk the Plank, and if you paid attention to the random facts on the screen while the General Managers were talking you got prizes. I got selected to play and I actually won an awesome book called Legends in Imagineering... all stories about the parks being built and rides and the ideas, I am kind of excited to read it. Then anyone who had a September Birthday got a prize, so I got a Disney mesh blue bag and a Pirate Princess Key Chain.

After that I had literally three hours of my shift left, plus 2 15 minute breaks. Sweet deal, having a six hour shift with two and a half hours being a Pirate Party! I did two shows then cleaned up. Karli and I planned to go on Soarin' after work since I never rode it, and it turns out a lot of CPs were heading there too. Usually it has an hour and a half wait, the eight of us got on in ten minutes. It was such a fricken cool ride. Would it be that cool after an hour and a half wait? Probably not as much, but I really liked it! We had the center front seats of the center glider too, so good views. And we saw the hidden Mickey! (It is on the golf ball that flies at the screen for those of you interested)

When we were done there we all ended up at IHOP. It was nice talking to CPs outside of work and bonding and having fun. They realized that I snort when I laugh so a few of them have a goal to get me to snort as much as possible by January. I feel like I am settling in and getting to know people! Karli and I were the only "new girls" in the group, everyone else had been there a few months already on the Fall Advantage program, so it was nice to be included.

They want to go play mini-golf tomorrow (or putt putt I think they called it?) but I have Illuminations duty and don't get off til 9:30pm so I may not be able to join them. But it is coll I was invited.

Ryan said he sent me a letter, haven't gotten it yet sadly. I did get a package from my mom, an American Flag decorated bear in camis, Julia Child's Cookbook (SWEET), and a ribbon magnet I ordered for my car (it is dress blues in ribbon form and says Keep my Marine Safe).

All for now... I hope tomorrow is good too!

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