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Thursday, July 23, 2009

First phone call!

As you can tell from the title I got my first phone call from Ryan today!! I was just telling my mom yesterday that I knew Ryan's mom sent him phone cards but I still hadn't heard from him and the whole thing with his saved voicemail expiring in three days. Well today, after a stressful day (long story short I agreed to be Master Electrician for a show and I have a week to do it alone since the designer took forever, plus tons of complications and the fact I have a week to do it, clean, and move!) he made it all better!

I was sitting on my bed working on my photo albums. I have about 36 envelopes of pictures from when I studied abroad that I had been meaning to put in pictures, so I finally forced myself to do it. Note to self: buy two more albums! Well I'm working on that when my phone rings. It was a weird number, and it was missing one in the sequence so I thought it was a spam call in all honesty. But I answered and then I couldn't hear anyone for awhile. So I hung up and then they called back. And it was Ryan! I got to talk to him for 36 minutes and 56 seconds! It was wonderful. Just hearing his voice almost made my eyes tear up but I kept it all in check so I could talk to him.

He was telling me about base and a little bit about what he might be doing on his mission. I told him about my day, and that I sent him care packages. I told him what was in my mom's but I left mine a surprise. We were talking and laughing and I felt like it was normal again... like we were talking on the phone at night before bed except it was 10pm for me and 5am for him. He told me the food on base is actually really good, it is prepared by Iraqis, and that it is better than any chow he'd had before. In 8th and I or Quantico!

Just hearing his voice and talking to him made me feel so amazing. I got to talk to him online this morning for an hour and then on the phone too... I am so incredibly lucky.

Also, I found this website I wanted to share. It is like a positive FML.

If you ever need to smile or have your faith restored in humanity that is the place to do it!

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  1. Thats so exciting! I'm so happy for you! That must have been absolutely amazing.


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