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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last Week in DC

Sorry I have slacked in my updating the past few days. I have been so overwhelmed stressed the last few days! On Thursday I had a rough day trying to do that stupid light hang job. The designer is just making my life difficult and I regret taking the job in the first place. I have very little time to do a lot of work and it sucks. I then spent the evening bagging up old clothes for the salvation army, removing posters and pictures from my walls, and battling with the blue tacky stuff that does not want to seem to come off. I spent hours trying to get the walls clean and they still aren't. It sucks. And pieces of the paint came off on some of it and I am not sure if I have to fix those or not before I move out. I need my security deposit back so that needs to be fixed.

That night I ended up being awake until almost 5am! Between the walls and watching some heavily emotional episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 5 on DVD!) I just could not settle to sleep regardless how tired I was. The Ryan called me that morning around 7:30am! I remember him saying his phone card didn't have much time on it and we said I love you and Miss you.... but I don't remember anything else! I had only been asleep for two hours and I think my brain was still foggy. I hope I didn't sound too awful!

Fiday I went in to work and hung lights for seven hours. Three by myself, 2 with Rich, and 2 with Cat. I got almost all the lights on the plot in the air except the ones that were missing, and I started circuiting too. I still have quite a bit to do, but I got a huge chunk done thankfully. By myself it was hard. I was on the giant scaffolding thing and I had to climb up and down constantly carrying lights and rolling the thing around. I got soooo much more done when other people where there! I am nice a calloused now.

Then we had our last show for Fringe Friday at 11:30pm. Jay (the director and a good friend of mine) picked me up and drove me back so I wouldn't have to metro, and he took me on his motorcycle! It was cool, I had never been on one before and it was pretty fun. Good for short distances but I don't think I would last too long on the back of one for a road trip. I'd say an hour tops if I had to. In the city it was handy though, we could weave and drive easier. I think flying down the highway I'd be terrified but we hit 55 maybe once in the city so I was ok with it. The show went well, everything ran smoothly, including the lights! Finally! Go me! Then this club (Lux?) nearby was doing a big promotion and I think I saw the Real World DC crew hanging out there. I am sure the cast was around but I have no idea which ones they were, but the guy with the camera you couldn't miss!

I got home that night and my apartment was so hot. When Caitlin moved out either she or her charming boyfriend turned the AC up to 89 degrees before they left!!! I saw the temperature was currently at 76, and set for 89! Witch. Ugh. So not cool. I was always pleasant to her so I don't know why they would have done that. Unless they overheard the "Cat Lady" remarks... but that was usually Ryan saying that not me. (She sneaked in two illegal cats, living in University of Maryland housing we can't have pets and I am allergic so it was sucky.)

Yesterday I got another phone call from Ryan in the morning. He told me they were moving out tomorrow (today) to start his mission. I at least now know where he will be generally, but I won't write it here. I know better! It is a little safer I think than his original planned location so I am happy about that. He asked for toys, coloring books, cleaning supplies, and socks for the locals in his next care package. He also said phone access will be limited but apparently they will have wireless which is good. I think he said he asked his Mom to send his laptop so at least I can still talk to him.

I went back to sleep for a bit after I talked to Ryan. Then I got up and went to Gregg's for the cast party. It was fun, lots of good food, a keg of Dogfish, and of course Rock Band on the Wii. I was there for a bit and then I went to see Jay's other show Magnum Opus. It was another English language Opera and I knew a lot of the cast, including the composer and the stage manager, and it was pretty good. Jenny and Brian (two friends I graduated with, fellow Drama majors) were there so it was nice to see them again.

When I got to the theatre I was early so I decided to walk and buy some more cigarettes. After I got them it started raining. So I am on the street corner next to this tall blodne when all these young black kids come up to us and start saying "You're so pretty. Can you hang out? What are you doing?" and stuff. The other girl goes, "Sorry, I'm married and she's with me." and we walked across the street. She then offered me to share her umbrella with her which was sweet. Then I looked at her and I realized why she was so familiar, she was a contestant on America's Next Top Model! I told her she handled them well and thanked her for helping me, then I said, "Sorry, you must get this a lot, but were you..." and before I could finish she replied, "On America's Next Top Model? Yes I was." And I apologized for bringing it up and she said it wasn't a problem, she went on the show and put herself out there so it was expected. She introduced herself, Sara, as did I and we chatted for a few blocks. I told her I was going to the opera and she said she was meeting girlfriends for dinner. Sara was about 6 feet tall, so thin, gorgeous, and very kind. I then thanked her for sharing her umbrella as we parted ways and then said it was nice meeting her. I thought it was pretty cool!

After the opera we went back to Gregg's for a bit. I got my paycheck, yay! And then he gave all of us a cast/crew photo we had taken when we had dress rehearsal and at IKEA he found these mini easels he spray painted red and put the frame on that... it fit with the theme of the show and it was very sweet. I hung out there a bit longer then went and met people at the Dubliner for my friend Tom's 21st Birthday. I had a cider or two and Tom was pretty wasted by the end of the night! The bouncer kept buying him drinks and he was gooooone. But it was nice to see people again, I mostly talked to Jenny and just hung out.

Today I went to church, still keeping my promise to myself! I slept through noon mass but there was one at 4:30pm I went to. It was actually celebrated by the cardinal which was pretty cool. Then in his homily he talked about how he spent last Holy Thursday in Iraq, celebrating with the men and women stationed there. As he spoke it brought tears to my eyes. I wonder if I went to the noon mass if he would have been there, it was almost a sign to me that Ryan would be ok and I was just very grateful to hear it.

Now I am home. I saw Ryan quickly posted on his facebook that he made it safe to his new location, thank goodness. I talked to his Mom earlier today and we're keeping one another updated as much as possible.

AND. Great news. My voicemail from Ryan was set to expire, but I listened to it today, teary thinking I'd not get to again. But I tried to hit the save button and it reset for another 21 days!!! Very happy about that.

Sorry this got a tad longer than expected! Hopefully I will hear from Ryan soon. And Disney is in T-Minus 24 days!

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