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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bound to happen...

Yesterday I went to meet my friend Anna Laura for lunch at IHOP. I am half way there when my mom, Ryan's mom, and our friend Dell all text me saying Ryan is online. I am nowhere near a computer! I was so upset I was tempted to blow off lunch but I couldn't do that to one of my good friends, it wouldn't be fair. So my mom ended up calling me and during some of lunch she relayed messages back and forth for us. I would say something on the phone, she'd type, Ryan would respond, Mom would give me the message... etc. Then Ryan's mom said he would try and wake up early that morning to talk to me but as I found out later a sandstorm happened so he didn't come on. I waited until after 3am my time for him. Then at 7:30am I got a text saying he was on!! So I did get to talk to him this morning for an hour or so, which was wonderful as usual. Thank god for facebook chat. And technology in general.

Backtracking a tad... Sunday I woke up and I went to church. I was pretty proud of myself for sticking to my promise to myself to go every Sunday while Ryan is gone. And yea I know it is only the second one, but so far so good! But I am kind of convinced God sent a guardian angel for me. You know in Catholic Masses when you do the sign of peace and everyone shakes hands and hugs and says "Peace be with you"? Well, usually when I go to church by myself that is kind of awkward. Everyone usually turns to their family first and I kinda shuffle around until someone turns to shake my hand. Well, today I was next to this old black lady and the instant the priest gave the word, she turned to me and gave me a big hug and said, "God be with you. He is watching out for you and loves you, and I love you too sweetie." I was just extremely touched and it made me smile. I wasn't crying or anything in church this week like I did last week with my mom (especially at the militart intention) but this woman must have just known. As I watched her shake hands with everyone else around her I knew someone was watching out for me.

Care packages sent: 2

I sent one yesterday, all stuff from me. Sunflower seeds, beef jerkey, cards, glowsticks, a yo-yo, little capsuls you put in water that turn into sponge animals, magazines, a notebook, oens, word puzzles, sour patch kids, mini oreos, asprin, chapstick, a protective case for his ipod, and the most perfect card ever. Remember the post I made where he said when he looks at the stars he thinks of me? Well I found one that was a little bear on a hillside looking at the moon and stars saying "No matter where you are...", then inside it shows the little bear's heart on its chest and says, "You're right here with me."

The second package was sent today and mostly from my mom. Baby powder, sunscreen, antibacterial lotion, wet ones wipes, chapstick, more sunflower seeds and beef jerkey, two hackey sack type things, tons of mike and ikes and razzles, and another deck of cards.

I waited up again hoping for him to somehow come online at 3am, 10am for him, but no dice. Maybe I will get another 7:00am phone call or text telling me he is online if I am lucky. I do love that we can chat online, but I do miss the sound of his voice. The one voicemail I have from him that I saved before he left expires in three days. I tear up listening to it... just hearing him say he can't wait to see me tomorrow and he loves me... it makes it feel like he is still here and not so far away.

Guess I just really miss him. 222 days to go?

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  1. So happy you got to talk to him! I'm sure he will be so excited to get your packages! I've already started formulating little ideas for Danny's care packages!

    and there must be a way you can save that voicemail!!! I would be so sad when it expires! Call your provider!


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