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Monday, March 14, 2016

Bean is a...

Here is our gender reveal! I was a little ecstatic (as was my husband) if you can't tell! We are so happy (and would have been with either of course). I hope the above video works, otherwise it is on my Facebook page here.

Saturday morning I went to the party store and got some decorations and may have gone a tad overboard since it was just Ryan, my parents, my brother, my mother in law, my sister in law, and our friend Donna who actually made the box for us.

I have a thing for giraffes and could not resist buying a pink and blue one. My sister in law took home the "not needed" color because she thought it was cute!

We had everyone cast their votes on our chart. Across social media (this blog, Facebook, and Instagram) girl was a big front runner, but for actual party guests and a few other write ins boy seemed to be catching up. Ryan was back and forth all day but finally committed to Team Blue right before the reveal.

I was in a show this weekend of A Time To Kill with a local community theatre, playing the judge. The production went really well (pictures perhaps in another future post) and our families came to the show since it will be my last one for awhile, and we did the reveal later that night at home. If you saw the video above you know the answer, but our Bean is a....


The look on my husband's face makes me tear up every time. I was so happy I almost sound like a cartoon character in the video! Dup Dup was very excited too, although she wasn't really sure why I bet!

Oh, that smile! Excuse the post show make up and French twist hair style!

Donna went above and beyond making us a beautiful box and then got us gifts to boot! She put Bean's ultrasound in the frame, got us a giraffe that plays music and moves as well as three cute dinosaur outfits with matching hats. My friend knows me so well!!

We are so blessed and so very happy. Our little miracle boy is well on his way to being halfway cooked! This week I will hit 20 weeks officially (even though I was measuring ahead last ultrasound). My next appointment is Wednesday so let's hope all is still going well.

Thanks for all the well wishes both here and on Facebook and Instagram!


  1. Yay!!!! Little boys love their mommys like no other!!

  2. Yay!! Congratulations on a BOY!! <3


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