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Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

Our Easter was very low key this year. Normally I go to church on Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and the vigil Easter Saturday... well with doctor appointments in Wilmington (yay for normal Thyroid levels!), work schedules and more I only made it to the Vigil on Saturday (with my husband in tow). Our mass this year was a long one, two hours and forty minutes, with five baptisms and thirteen confirmations! Pretty impressive. Saturday I ran around like crazy so Easter Sunday we could have a low key day just the two of us.

In the morning we made our pisanki and at first I panicked because our dye wasn't sticking to the eggs! That had never happened to me before... turns out they were too cold. A quick hot water bath and a little time made things much better. 

We also tried "double dying" our eggs this year. First you dye the egg, let it dry, then do the beeswax, then dye it again and after it dries you pick off or melt off the wax and get a two toned egg... we picked off the wax and it looked ok! The second and third ones in from the left on the top row, and the first ones in rows two and three on the left were all double dyed.

I also made a special blue egg for our Bean. Unfortunately his egg was one of the ones the wax did not stick too since it was too cold, but it held enough to dye once so it is a white and blue egg. My mom made a similar baby girl egg when she was pregnant with me in 1987 so I wanted to continue the tradition a bit.

Overall we had a nice, quiet day. It rained for nearly the entire day, so staying on the couch and watching tv was ok. We also had a huge Easter lunch... I made pierogies, kielbasa, string bean casserole and ham and it was all delicious. So much so that we ate it a few hours later that night for dinner.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a Happy Easter!


  1. Those are really nice. I've seen a lot of new ways to dye eggs aside from the 99 cent kit at walmart. We didn't decorate eggs this year though.


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