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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

DWMM: Favorite Special Episode


Day 06: Favorite Special Episode

The End of Time, Part 2 (if you want to get technical!)

With almost everyone on Earth now recast in his image, The Master controls the world. He's shocked however when he realizes that one person hasn't changed. The Doctor soon realizes that the Time Lords are trying to return and re-establish Gallifrey. If they succeed, it is the end of time and the Doctor as we currently know him. Realizing that the Ood's prophecy will come true, he visits friends from the recent past.

It is heartbreaking because of the ending. Semi Spoilers, stop reading now if you need to.... it is the Tenth Doctor's last episode and it breaks my heart. But I love that he goes back and visits all of his old companions and sees how they are currently or visits them in the past. It was a beautiful way to tie things together and the last ten minutes of this episode may make it for me, but that is what counts!

And I love Wilfred! You can see him in the background here.

The Doctor: I'd be proud.
Wilfred Mott: Of what?
The Doctor: If you were my dad.

Plus this moment with Rose makes it for me.

"I think you're going to have a very good year."

I love how it ended the way it started: not only for Ten but for David. He started filming with Billie then after a season she had to leave and here she is again, helping him end what they started together.



  1. I really hated when his time was over. I wasn't too into the 11th doctor until I watched his episodes so this episode made me really sad.

  2. Great breakdown! I about lost it when he saw Rose again. Love that one!


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