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Monday, March 5, 2012

You know you're a blonde when...

You know you are a blonde when...

- You somehow made yourself exempt from federal taxes and now owe the government a lot of money.

- This happens the month before you buy a house.

- The one time you almost curse out loud at work since you are crying about said taxes and there is a small child in the lobby.

- When the leasing lady asks you what unit you live in so maintenance can fix your leaky radiator you forget for a moment. It's only your address. No big deal.

- You get two blocks into your walk with your puppy before realizing your sneakers are on the wrong feet.

- You take a different route on your walk through Old Town, get turned around, and head in the opposite direction of home for a few blocks before you realize your mistake.

and last but not least...

- You know you're a blonde when all of the above happens in the last five hours prior to writing this blog post.

But the good of today... and yes it involves blondeness... is that my no heat curls worked!!!

This morning

Two hours ago

Tutorial here but learned from my neighbor Carrie long before I found it online.

Sigh. Off to work on my mortgage application. Then this girl is getting a drink!


  1. Sounds like you definitely deserved a drink today!

  2. UGH none of that sounds like the makings of a good day!!! But atleast your hair looks fab!

  3. Just too many life changes going on......don't be so hard on yourself ....you are an accomplished, intelligent and beautiful woman....inside and out....always say that's why pencils have erasers.....there was only one perfect person and we crucified Him. Love ya,

  4. Hope you have a better day today....your hair is GORGEOUS though!!

  5. awww allie! you and your beautiful blonde hair deserve a drink :)

  6. I'm a little late, but I seriously laughed out loud with the shoe comment. And your hair looks fabulous! I've done that same technique for the hair and it's fabulous. Yours looks amazing!!!


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