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Friday, October 14, 2011

Guest Blog!

Today I have a guest post over on Erin's blog Moore To Love. Go check it out! (:

Carrie and I decided to go swimming last night, seems to be a Thursday thing now, despite the fact that there was a tornado warning out. It wasn't even raining when we left the apartment, although there were some wicked streaks of lightening happening! I love lightening. But we get halfway there and the rain starts pouring down. I mean the kind of rain that makes you put your wipers on full speed and you still cannot see. Of course we get to the pool and the rain stops, such is our luck. But we got a good bit of swimming in plus some sauna time and then went grocery shopping as slightly drowned rats.

Note to self: BUY GOGGLES. Red eyes are not nice looking on anyone. At all.

I also had to watch Josh Groban on the Office last night.... even though I am still on last season (woah pregnant people on the show!) I had to make an exception to see Josh be Andy's Bronard! I wish he could have had more screen time but he was awesome.

Today is the LAST DAY to enter my give away! Go!

It has got to stop raining soon. It stopped long enough for our fire drill this morning, at work, and started again. Oy. I cannot wait for some good sunny days.

Ryan lands in 12 hours and ten minutes. So excited. I cannot wait to see him!!!

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