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Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's Your Song? - 19

I first heard this song a few days ago. The Country Station around here (98.7) does what they call "The 5:30 Future File" where they play a new (or not often played) song on the radio and people call in to rotate it or recycle it. When they first played the song Michael J (the DJ) did not say who sang it.

As I was driving home I definitely got teary. I can't help it, these kinds of songs always tear me up. So I actually called in, for the first time, to vote for rotate. Michael J thanked Ryan for his service, which my husband got a kick out of when I told him over the phone later! Most people wanted to rotate it, a few did want to recycle because "Billy Ray is just trying to make a buck on a sensitive subject" and one who said that was former military even. To each their own.

I liked the song. Hope you do too.

Link up with Goodnight Moon.

PS - A lot of people are saying they cannot comment on blogger blogs... now I can't either! Anyone have a fix?

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  1. I think you have to make sure you are signed in...idk its weird, sometimes it says its signed in and other times it wont let you. It should say "comment as" with your display name next to it before you comment.


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