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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Helpin Out

So I met this cool zombie on Sunday named Shane. Shane was another fellow actor actually at the commercial (lots of people were just there for fun or because they were doing the 5k, only a few of us were actually wannabe actors) and he is auditioning for Season 2 of the Glee Project. Please Click HERE and like Shane's video! Help a fellow zombie out so when he gets to be on TV and uber famous you can say "I knew him when..."

And Skinnie Piggie is hosting an awesome series of give aways for her birthday! YAY! I love birthdays, and I totally love today's prize... so go enter! Staci is the sponsor and she makes these amazing "Home is where the "Insert Branch Here" Sends Us" Signs. Ours would be the Marines obviously, but I think it would be a fun thing to have and add to for the next fifteen years....

Not much else going on around here. I have just been working and lazying about. Time has slowed down recently, especially knowing Ryan will have leave in two weeks. Some days I am so absolutely fine, it feels like I have been doing this forever. Other days I miss him so much I almost can't breathe. I am a regular ping pong of emotion which I am sure is enjoyable to those around me! Just two more weeks. I have to get through 2 more weeks and Ryan is home.

Is it October yet??


  1. i wish it was october too... lol sooon!!!

    :) You've received an award go check out my blog!!


  2. Thanks for the shout out... and, you can make it! Soon lady. Soon!


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