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Monday, August 8, 2011

Remembering the Fallen

Originally I wanted to write about my weekend, but I think that will wait until tomorrow.

I was sitting in the car Saturday morning when the CNN Breaking News story came on the radio. My heart sank when I heard the story of the helicopter crash and loss of 38 lives. 20 Americans out there fighting for our freedom as well as eight others... Afghan Soldiers, a Dog handler and more... gone. It choked me up and made my throat painfully tight as I imagined 30 American families getting a knock at the door. The worst nightmare of any spouse or parent. As American Soldier came on the radio following the news update I almost cried in the car.

Coming in to work this morning and talking with all the clients of ours who are military veterans was sombering. Seeing the report on CNN interviewing their families, reading this news article... the biggest single loss of American life in one day since the war began a decade ago.

God Bless these brave men and their families.

And thank you.

"The nation which forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten."
- Calvin Coolidge


  1. My husband's buddy is over there right now and he knew at least 10 of the guys that died... =/

  2. It was so devastating to hear about this. I can't imagine going through anything like it. :-(

  3. It's just horrible. I spent my weekend flipping back and forth between news channels and trying to find the latest online articles. It's heartbreaking.


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