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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Weekend

Friday night Ryan and I went to the 9:55pm showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. Oh my goodness did I love it! Yes I cried, twice, and yes I think certain aspects could have been truer (or more in depth) to the book, but overall a darn good movie. Sometimes watching a movie, especially one based on a book, I think Oh man they are only at this part and there is a lot more to go! no matter how good the movie is! I didn't think that once.

I do wish certain scenes were longer, like the pensieve scene, or that more histories were revealed, but I'll take it. Sorry I don't want to say too much for those who haven't seen it, but if you want to go nerdy like me and analyze it and talk it over, shoot me an email! I am dying to, Ryan doesn't read the books so he doesn't get the conversations I want to get into. We can talk about the movie, but if I start mentioning the book he gets that glazed look in his eyes... :P

So needless to say we went to bed pretty late, but we were up early and on the road to New Jersey by 10am the next morning. We arrived around 2:30 or so, not bad, and had a huge bbq lunch with my family. After I went around the house and took pictures like crazy. My family is moving to North Carolina in about three weeks so it was my last time in my childhood home! Then we went to mass and after the church threw a party for my mom. She has been the parish secretary there for eight years, and it was a great time!

This is the cake they had made for my mom, very cool! Our whole family is on it thanks to one of my wedding pictures!
I got to talk with my dear friend and email buddy Joan for awhile, it was good to see her and talk face to face for a bit rather than online!
Father Tom and Deacon Paul said some sweet things and my mom got teary of course. Then the presented her with a crystal cross inscribed with her favorite bible verse, Luke 29:12, "...don't worry."
And then they blessed it.
My family and Nicole... I do love this picture!
Ryan and Miss Fran 2.
Mom and Ruth and Joan, all the church ladies!
Stefan and Father Tom
I really wish I remember what we were talking about, I look quite obstinate!
Mom and her girls! She cried after this one was taken.

There was a ton of food, tears, hugs and laughter as well. I got to say goodbye to my Church Family and see a lot of wonderful people again. The party was just proof of how awesome my mom is at her job and how she will definitely be missed!! I was so glad Ryan and I were there to see it all.

After we headed back to the house and Sam was there! We got some definite quality girl time and even hung out with the boys in the pool a bit before retreating to the hot tub to chat. We were up pretty late once again and then out of bed early. My family had an anniversary to go to for my mom's cousin and Ryan and I had to get back on the road (after a huge breakfast of course). I definitely cried leaving my house. I know it is just a house, but I grew up there from the age of six on. I got ready there for school dances, dates, shows, prom, my wedding... I had sleepovers and family parties, graduation parties... so many amazing memories. I know those will always be with me, but I definitely struggled walking away.

We zoomed back to Virginia, getting pulled over once in Delaware but not gettign a ticket as Ryan managed to get a military loving cop! Lucky duck! I did give him a big I told you so and he did the speed limit again. At least until we hit Maryland.

Luckily we made it to Virginia before my mother in law and sister in law arrived! We did a speedy cleaning of the house and just as we finished they pulled in. Sunday night was mainly hanging out until we were hungry, then walking up the street for dinner. Hannah, my sister in law, has a birthday verrrrry soon so we got the restaurant to surprise her with a dessert! She is six shades of adorable!

They all got to hang out yesterday but I had to work :( After work more wine was enjoyed and then we walked up to King Street for a nice dinner together. We got home kind of late and I just passed out in bed shortly thereafter! After not sleeping in all weekend and being up so late I am exhauuuuusted!

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  1. You're right Allie it is just a house the home is made by the people who live in it..remind me of that in August please. Thanks for the kind words.......so hard to leave!
    Hannah is so so adorable.
    Love ya


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