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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reaching Out...

So my friend Kristin is really awesome. I have known her since my freshman year of college and she basically rocks my socks off. Since graduating we've naturally kept in touch while she has gone to do some amazing things in CHICAGO. Working for great theatre companies and taking the city by storm she even won a Jeff Award (Chicago equivalent to a Helen Hayes in DC!) which is pretty terrific. Now just to add to her awesomeness she is going to be running a triathalon...!

Her goal is to raise $2,000.00 to contribute to the fight to end AIDS. Kristin competed in an indoor triathalon recently and came in first for her age group and ninth out of all the females.

Why am I telling you this?

Well readers, I have seen you do some amazing giving things for people. So I am asking you all to check out Kristin's Page and donate to her cause. Even if it is just one dollar it will make a difference. She did promise anyone who donated $100 or more would get their name (or their blog? free advertising anyone??) written in large letters somewhere on her body on triathalon day!

So please go check her out! It is all for a great cause. Did I mention it is her birthday today? All she is asking for for her birthday is donations, so go go go!

<3 you girl!


  1. That's awesome! Good luck with the fund raising and the triathlon!

    On a side note, I read your blog before bed last night which inspired me to dream about going to Paris based on a movie called "My Marine and Me: a Love Story".

  2. You are the best!!!

    All donations go towards the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. An amazing foundation that supplies medicine, housing, and other necessities to people living with HIV. If you have some extra pocket change, it could really go towards something amazing!



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