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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vacation - Last Part!

Ok I have been such a slacker in the blogging department! Sorry! Work has been crazy busy this past week or two and Ryan has been working so hard. I went to yoga last night again (note to self: taking a month off is not the best idea) and I am so sore! My joints feel all unhinged and I know I will be in pain tomorrow. Anyway, the end of the vacation now...

The next night we hit up Medieval Times. I love that place, always have. We used to go to the one in Jersey a lot so when I saw the plane fly by the beach with the Medieval Times banner I told Ryan we had to go. We got there early and we were asking about a military discount even though we did have our tickets. The woman said unfortunately there wasn't one but she was nice and we were chatting a bit. For an extra $10 we could upgrade to sit in the second or third row and get a DVD plus little flags to wave, so we went with it. It was $20 bucks each for the next upgrade for the first row but we weren't willing to shell out that much.

I got myself a strawberry daquiri and Ryan got a rum and coke as we wandered amidst the fifth graders on a field trip (lucky us). When we went in we were suprised that we were actually put in the first row! We think the ticket lady pulled a string for us, very sweet.

We were supporting the red knight. He did ok in the challenges but in the end ended up being the first one out. Lame. We didn't even get to see him joust! The black and white knight one, but he had the forty fifth graders in his section. Coincidence? I think not :P

Oh, I did find one picture from the night we saw ONE. Here it is. We got all dressed up but Ryan was already back to "In the room" mode so hence the lack of shirt. In all fairness the AC was a bit weak so I don't blame him!

Then we decided to take Saturday to just relax. We went to Calabash (I forgot my camera so sadly no pictures) which is a giant seafood buffet (YUM Crablegs!) and then back to the Boardwalk for more skee ball. We cleaned up in the arcade, we got a Myrtle Beach ceramic thing to hang in our bathroom, two shot glasses, a harmonica, a sticky hand, bubbles and a stuffed bear wearing a fun plaza tshirt. Saturday night we spent the night at Ocean Annie's, the bar right outside our hotel. I got to take some nice pictures and we enjoyed a last night out together before having to go home.

One the way home I made Ryan stop at South of the Border. He absolutely hates that place but I love it, so he had no choice :P We had a nice, cheap lunch and then got back on the road. Traffic was brutal and it took us an extra two hours to get home... plus an unplanned stop at Arbys to compensate the extra time.

I love these billboards. I have tons of pictures of them but I will spare you all and just post one!

*Sigh* Only in the south. Ryan looked at it and said, "What? Isn't that how you spell it?" *facepalm* Vinegar/Viniger... close. It is the thought that counts!

Rockin' the toothpicks! Mine broke right after this one was taken :(

I did get a tiny bit bored in traffic but Ryan tolerated my picture taking for the most part. Note the stylish Raybans he found! Or his Mom found and gave him... something like that.

Ok, vacation done! We've only been back two weeks... oops. And let's consider this a not so wordless Wednesday post since there are too many pictures. Sorry all!


  1. Ive always wanted to go to Medieval Times! I love the Dixie Stampede, been there several times. Im glad you had a great vacation, Myrtle Beach is always fun! Have a great day :)

  2. Love Medieval Times! Not so much SOB tho! Such an awful tourist trap!

  3. I'm a new follower and just wanted to pop in and say hello! Midieval Times looks like it was a lot of fun! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!


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