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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Song Link Up and Baseball

As you can tell from my past entry or two I am loving that it is finally Spring. Spring means warm weather, green trees, flowers, bbqs, long walks, and my favorite sport of all time.... baseball. Sure it leaks into summer a bit as well, but it is just the perfect time of year from America's favorite past time.

I absolutely adore baseball. I always have My ideal date is to a baseball game (well, if my teams are playing!) which Ryan smartly realized within the first few weeks of us dating!

I honestly think we were dating maybe two weeks before we went to our first Nationals Game together. He got tickets from work for free and we ended up having a blast! Even if he was late (from picking up his car from the inpound lot, oh those were the days!) and I missed the first inning. Or two.

The Nationals sort of waltzed into my life in college when it was my 19th birthday and my friend needed an idea for me to celebrate. Enter another friend with season tickets and insertme in the third row and I am set! The Nats never play the Yanks, so I feel no betrayal in my supporting both teams. I loved how cheap the tickets were and the general atmosphere of being at the game! Any baseball game just feels electric to me. Even when I went to the minor league games at home in NJ they were always just such a great time. Including the summer I filled in as the mascot for the Somerset County Patriots! There is nothing like being ina six foot tall dog suit in 110 degree heat... for $30 an hour!

I have been a Yankees fan since birth, honestly there are pictures of me as an infant in a Yankees onsie where I look like a little boy! So it is something I have always been and not a, "front runner", as some may call it. I knew freshman year my room mate and I were going to have a problem when she was hanging up a Fenway Park Poster and I was hanging up a Yankee Stadium Poster. She moved out by February :P

Sadly I have only been to Yankee Stadium (the old one) a handful of times. Never been to the new one! As you can see above my friend Aliee and I got rained out the last game I went to!

I hope we get to go to another game soon! It just isn't Spring.... or Summer... without baseball!!!

In light of all that, there is only one natural choice for my song this week. Man I LOVE this song! (: Head on over to Goodnight Moon to link up.


  1. I definitely love summer time songs...listening to the "older" good stuff. It always brings back memories! I think I've only been to one Nats game! I'm sure hubby would like to go to more though.

  2. You are so right, it isnt spring/summer without baseball! :)

  3. I am a Rays fan, and I am sort of spoiled with having an indoor stadium, out of the heat. So I am waiting to go to a Padres game and get the feel of a REAL baseball stadium. See how I like it then. Lol.

    Great song pick.

  4. The thing about baseball for me is, I LOVE watching baseball ONLY if I am there watching it. I don't really like watching it on tv. I need to be there to enjoy it. Fox and I are going to a Boston Red Sox game next month in Boston. I can NOT wait!!!!!

    Your hair was super long in one of your pictures.

    Thanks for linking up again this week!!!!

  5. I liked you until I read that you're a Yankees fan. You seemed so cool, too..

    ;) Kidding. Love your blog; keep it up!


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