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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweet Shutterfly Spring Stuff!

(Don't mind me... I am a sucker for alliteration!)

Now from my baseball post I am sure you gathered that I love spring time. I love the warm weather, being able to go for walks with Ryan (had a long one Saturday and a semi long one Sunday!), eating outside, bbqs, flowers... just the general happy feeling that winter is finally done and everything is just lighter. People are shedding their winter coats (as are cats and dogs :P), trees are blooming, flowers are ... flowering... you get the idea!

Now fast approaching is graduation season! I know I have been graduated two years now (Hooooly cannoli! Has it been that long!?) but my little brother is graduating 8th grade this year! Where has the time gone? I may just have to make some of these fun announcement/graduation cards for Stefan. A nice classy, masculine card of course!

I can just see my brother's goofy adorable smiling face on this one! It caught my eye immediately. I do love getting cards from Shutterfly. In fact Ryan and I got our Christmas Cards from Shutterfly this past year. I actually did two orders, because after sending out the first batch I realized we were horribly short! Both orders came in fast and looked terrific. I will definitely use them again this Christmas!

Or how about a cute, personalized Father's Day Card?

Sometimes going to Hallmark is more convenient, but I just reminded you in plenty of time if you want to get Dad (or your husband for the kids or your grandfather or uncle or godfather or whoever) a nice personal Father's Day Card. This one seemed appropriate for all the Dads out there that are heroes, and not just to their own families!

Now anyone who went to the Milbog conference with me can tell you I was quite dismayed to not have my own business cards!!! They even got you free drinks! They are a great way to network with some influencial people, exchange information with a friend, and of course promote your blog.

I think something nice and simple like that would be nice, don't you? I love the color blue, I would just need to add my info, my blog URL, and I'd be a high flying blogger in no time at all.

It doesn't stop there. You can get photobooks, mugs, tote bags, wooden boxes, awesomely priced prints, and just about anything else you can stick a picture on. Head on over to Shutterfly and enjoy some Spring Savings now!

Fellow bloggers: If you haven't already, sign up for a chance at a free photo book from Shutterfly!

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