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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pending due to...

Pending pending pending.

And I found out yesterday partly why we are still pending. The Lt Col who is on the board and needs to approve the package has been on leave. The past two weeks. He is supposed to be checking his inbox. He hasn't. And I bet my bottom dollar if this man has spent the last two weeks on leave he will not be back before Easter, so another whole week of waiting at least. If we're lucky.

Yes I know Marines work hard and deserve their leave, but dude, our future is kind of depending on if you check your email. Which apparently you're supposed to. It is a tiny little thing. Just glance! Take care of the important stuff, a reply here a signature there, and go back to your sangria on the beach or whatever it is you may be doing. (Man that sounds soooo nice! A little jealous.)


Anyway, head over for your Thursday Link Up with Goodnight Moon.

This week I am not doing country (shock I know) but a little blast from my past... anyone else remember Disney in Concert??? Oh my I thought this group was awesome when I was 11!

*fingers remain fiercely crossed that pending changes soon*


  1. OH MY GOD!! I used to have that CD and I LOVED that song, you totally just made my day :):):)

    I'm sorry you're still pending :/

  2. that video can't be viewed in my country ::::CRIES:::::

    hopefully the LTC will check his email soon and you guys get an answer. it's so frustrating waiting for the head hanchos.

  3. Cute song I never heard it before!
    Thanks for sharing
    Praying everything works out for y'all.
    Semper Fi, Amber joy

  4. This. Just. Happen. I can't believe you found this video! I use to be obsessed with this song. I wanted to river dance so bad after this came out. Oh and the denim jackets! Hah! And the original fist pump (while river dance), which was symbolic of every Disney song back then lol. This is classic! Thanks for posting it.

  5. OH, and I am sure as soon as the Lt Col gets back you guys will be set. (sending positive thoughts and prayers your way!)

  6. Sending positive thoughts your way.. love your blog pictures! (especially with the one of your leg kicked up laying down and you can see your cute shoes! :)..)


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