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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Not much to say. I put all my creative-ness for blogging today into a guest post and now don't really have anything I want to say!

Ryan got home around 2am since he and Josh had one last night to hang (yea he officially moved today). But I was angry at the hubby for a certain reason that shall be named and we have had clipped exchanges today. I have physical therapy tonight so I am just chilling at work after hours and he has an event til 9 anyway... plus breaking it down after. So who knows.

I was productive yesterday though and got the winter comforter on our bed (AND the bed skirt. You know how hard that is to do alone??), watered the tree, vacuumed needles, then went through all the "boxes" in the dining room. We get care packages from my mom a lot and I had some blog boxes from swaps still sitting around. Most of the stuff was put away and other things accuulated, like old mail and fliers and things that just conveniently fit in the boxes. Well, all gone now. I then snuggled into my snuggie, yes I own one and love it, and watched the Next Great Baker on TLC because I loves me some Cake Boss.

I also tried to call and see if I could schedule a surgery today... no dice. Left a voicemail. This whole process is getting SO old.

RIP to all those who gave their lives on this day in 1941 at Pearl Harbor. It made me a little sad to sign on to AOL and Yahoo and glance at CNN and no one even mention it. I don't expect it to take over the news, but it should be at least there. But I will mention it. Thank you.

Also RIP Elizabeth Edwards, I just saw on CNN she passed away. I hope her children will find comfort in her peace.


  1. Sorry for a blah day, we all have em. I do love some productive days though! Makes me feel good after getting a whole list of stuff done!

  2. I used to love physical therapy, that is what I am ultimately going to school for.
    I am sorry for the not to great day.. Maybe tomorrow will be better?
    sending huggsss your wayy!!!!


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