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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 14 and the Weekend

Hosted here!

Day 14: Oprah's Favorite Things: What item(s) would you want if you were in the audience?

Looking at the list from here there is not much on that list I'd say no to! But I will narrow it down to the top five if I must! Wooo greedy much? :P

1. Volkswagen 2012 Beetle - I would so not say no to a new car!!!
2. Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas Cruise - Ryan has never been on a cruise and I would love to go on one with him.
3. Nikon D3100 Digital SLR Camera - *drools*
4. Sony BRAVIA LX900 HDTV with 3D - Not a huge fan of 3D, but HD really does blow my mind. You could see the make up on some people, like the bad TV make up!
5. iPad by Apple - SO fricken cool!

Friday Lauren and I went Christmas shopping for our husbands, so at least I got one person taken care of! Saturday we slept in and I went grocery shopping, it was a lazy day. Josh came over and we watched some TV and hung out a bit.

Sunday we went to get a tree. We looked online and found a farm in Maryland so we made our way out there. First we stopped at the Christmas Attic and got a special "Our First Christmas" ornament and some lights. Then we get all the way out there, find this little farm, get handed a saw and told to go. We start to go to the field and I look at Ryan and say, "Do you have any cash?" ... "No. Do you?" ... "No. Let's ask if they take cards before we hack down a tree."

They didn't.

So off we go in search of an ATM. Luckily the gas station down the road had one! It was COLD and windy, I wish I had gloves (especially after I had to carry a pine tree) and a hat. But we finally agreed on one and carried it back to the car.

Did I mention my husband drives a 2 door honda? Not the best for toting a Christmas tree home. The owner decides the tree can fit in our trunk (mostly) and get tied in. They tried that for a few minutes and needless to say it failed. So we rigged it to the top of the car somehow... we drove 40 the whole way home lest we lose our tree! But we made it. Wait til you see the pictures, I will put those up later.

Then Ryan went to help Josh pack. Ryan's best friend, the best man from our wedding, got orders to North Carolina... so he is leaving tomorrow :( Ryan had to get all his stuff out of Josh's room and then help Josh load his truck. I cleaned the apartment and made lasagna for the first time. When the boys got home we ate and then Josh helped us decorate the tree. Ryan and I bickered only a little, mostly about the lights, but we got it in the end (even with Josh's helpful snarky comments and picture taking!). We then watched the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops live from Kuwait (anyone else realize since was live it was like 3am in Kuwait for this??). Anyone else watch it? I really enjoyed it. I also love Kathy Griffin, as horrible as she can be, and the closing song Katy Perry sang, Fireworks. I just love Fireworks!

My mom is sending a box of ornaments of my stuff from home so they should be here this week, then our tree will be complete!

I am wondering how Ryan will handle Josh not being here anymore. He keeps telling me guys don't talk. They don't call to catch up and chat. He is acting like he probably won't see Josh again but is being very nonchalant about it. I don't want to push the issue... but how do you handle such a thing with your husbands?


  1. Haha, I would have loved to see a tree on a little honda!

    I can't help with the husband issue though.. Jacob is all about calling to chat and texting to stay in touch.
    I definitely wouldn't push it though, men are weird about that stuff and the more you do the more he is going to get irritated towards you.
    Just give it time and let it play out.

  2. Haha! How awesome!!! :) Oh trees on honda cars...those are alway the cars I stare at on the road :)
    As for husbands...
    Zach did the same thing with his friend. I think it's okay. They find new ones and don't get SUPER attached. If you leave them, they leave it be. The one they need as a constant is YOU (as told by Mr. Z). He'll be okay :) Maybe once in a while they'll chat but it won't be like us girls where we run up and scream and are like "OH MY GOSH TELL ME EVERYTHING". Not how men work ;)

  3. Oh I love your 5 because they were my top 5! haha, and My fiance actually doesnt have an issue saying he is going to miss that male companionship when he leaves or someone else does.. so I really dont know what to tell you on that one! Quick question.. Are you still doing my guest post for me? :)


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