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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Say A Lil Prayer...

You all remember my last doctor's visit from this post.

Well after work today I noticed I had a voicemail from a number I didn't recognize. It also called me twice the day before. It was from my doctor concerning the results of my spinal xray. I tried to call back and went through a maze (yay tricare!) but I eventually left a message for him to call me back.

I get a call tonight while Ryan and I are watching Hook and making dinner. It was my doctor. So apparently on my spine in two of the five angles they looked at there is some sort of mark. They want me to get another xray to double check their findings. It isn't a tumor or anything. But there are two possibilities. One is nothing. It was the angle I was laying at and my colon was there and it is an "incidental finding" (aka...well, crap). The other possibility is a spinal injury of sorts. My density is off for whatever reason. So if it isn't the incidental finding it is something else. He kept asking me if I ever had a serious injury (theory being it is post-traumatic injury or something that didn't heal) but I never have. Just pulling it out musclewise for 8 years. If the spot is in the same place on these new xrays then I need a CT scan or other tests to determine exactly what the damage is and what is causing it and go from there.

After dinner we get in the car and drive to Ft Belvoir. I was glad Ryan was with me because I couldn't help but feel a little panicky and worried. I wasn't expecting this at all. I was convinced my chest was causing back pain but what if this is causing it too?

48-72 hours for the results. So think positive for me.

Best case scenario... we drove all the way for Belvoir for shit :P


Ok I laughed. Sorry.


  1. Okay, I laughed too, so we can be crass together:)

    Fingers crossed that it's nothing, but that you get all this resolved!

  2. Good luck!!!
    I'll say a prayer for you!


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