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Friday, August 27, 2010


My elbow hurts. I think I did something to it lifting weights.

For anyone who knows about these things... it is right above my elbow, the muscle that almost reaches the bone. I cannot totally bend it or straighten it. Any ideas??

I wrap it and ice it... but it isn't getting much better. If anything it is worse. And swollen.

I love doing things with my husband, I really do. But I am not able to do his workouts. I need some tailoring here!!!


  1. sorry you're sore. i hate working out with my hubby too. i've actually cried a few times at some workouts--no joke. needless to say...we don't workout together too much anymore. i guess icing the area would be your best bet.

  2. Oh no! sorry you hurt yourself - i'm the queen of that if you haven't noticed by reading my blog. I hope that it gets better soon. Just make sure you keep icing it. Don't baby it too much though - not moving it at all can actually worsen things.

    Feel better soon!



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