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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This post will be a random assortment of pictures from my cellphone. I have been meaning to post them all week so I just sort of put them all together and will just write modified versions!

My friend Meghan (who I love for helping me get my job!) and I went out to dinner last week. Usually when we go out for dinner we go to DSW. It's a thing. These shoes were Michael Kors, originally $140 or so on sale for $85. I texted them jokingly to Ryan but he was working so never answered. They were high. I mean hiiiigh. A good friend of mine would have referred to them as "shit kickers". Of course when I get home Ryan asks me where the shoes are... I told him I couldn't afford them! His reply... "So? You could wear those to work, right?"


These I really REALLY want. Size 9.5. My birthday is Sept 8th. :P I was never a fan of the booty style, but I tried these on and LOVE them. So much. Only $49!

I made this peach pie last night. The L is for our last name. But the peaches were so so juicy that the pie was falling apart! I should have used a bit more flour in the mix to bind it, but it was still good. Our chef neighbor Rigoberto came over and had some too and said it was good. We also had a bottle of my Dad's home made plum wine which was excellent, as always.

Now last week was the Family Fling at camp. Ryan said he would go. So I drive home to get him, get literally MORE than half way there and he texts me saying he has to work. Ugh. Thank you Marines. I know not to be pissed, it isn't his fault, but I had to turn around and drive back to camp. In rush hour. On the beltway. Alone. Ughx2. I left camp at 4, got back at 6:30, and went nowhere! Except the gas station. Anyway, sitting on traffic I see that little display of geniusness. A guy with his foot out the window and smoking and driving.

Now before anyone says anything about me taking a picture while driving, I didn't. I was at a dead stop when I took that picture. His lane was actually moving so he WAS driving and doing that. People.

Hope you enjoyed the random conglomeration.

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  1. Those shoes are awesome and that pie has my mouth watering!!


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