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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Getting Better!

I took a day or two off from the workout thing and maybe had some french fries and a snickers bar and I felt a lot better. My elbow was hurting until about this morning. Now it is a little stiff but definitely a LOT better. Friday was horrible, it hurt like hell! My friend Kristin (who is moving back to Chicago last week) and I planned to go to Mount Vernon (Washington's home) last week. We packed a picnic and get there, the whole 8 miles it is up the street from my house, and it was CROWDED.

We heard the people working there saying their busiest day is the 4th of July and this was worse! Apparently Glen Beck (with his rally on Saturday) told everyone who was in town early to go to Mount Vernon for the day. So it was packed!! We went to a nearby park for the picnic and then braved the line. We toured the property but skipped our scheduled mansion tour since it wasn't really going to work for us to wait in a huge line for over an hour! So Kristin gave me ten bucks and upped my ticket to a season pass so I can come back!

Today we went to the barracks and did laundry and I got back on the work out train. I did 50 minutes on the elliptical (4.25 miles!) and a small ab work out. My body was not thrilled but I pushed through it. We've been eating healthy too. Josh came over and we walked up to Bumblefish and had some sushi. It was delicious!

Ryan and I have started a new tradition. When I couldn't work out I agreed to walk with him at night. We walked down to Old Town and the waterfront and home, maybe three miles or so. It is romantic, we have wonderful talks, and we even saw fireworks on Saturday night! We just got back from our walk tonight. It is something we're going to try and definitely keep up.

Tomorrow we are going to King's Dominion and are pretty excited about it. We are also both dying for a cheeseburger and may get a McDouble and a small fry each and then walking it off in the park all day.

We'll see (:


  1. Glad that your elbow is feeling better! Your walk with Ryan sounds so great. I'm happy that you two were able to come up with a new tradition :)


  2. I LOVE Glenn Beck! I'm currently reading one of his books!

    I hope you are able to get better soon (french fries ALWAYS help!)

    That walking thing is such a great idea! I love it!


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