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Monday, March 1, 2010

So Much is Getting Done!

So this weekend was extremely productive. Ryan and I got a lot done which provided a nice couple of checks on the master list. We stuffed and labeled and stamped all the invites, nearly 100 of them! It took me, Mom, Ryan, and Stefan to get everything in and done, but it was done! I mailed them all off today. Ryan and I also went to the Grand Colonial, our reception venue, and solidified our menu and everything. We picked out all the appetizers, dinner, the wine, and the cake (!!) which sounds so delicious I cannot wait. We also went to another bakery and got Ryan a groomscake for the rehearsal dinner. Hint, if you have ever seen Steel Magnolias you will LOVE his cake! Jill came over Saturday night and spent the night, and until I had a stomach attack we had an awesome time. Stupid stomach. And Sunday was great. I can't go into details, but let's just say we are now one step closer to May 1st.... (:

I still need to call the florist and get transportation and a make up artist, then it is basically all done. PreCana is on Saturday which should be interesting.

Doctors... had an appointment Friday. Starting to get weened off the scary medicine as it wasn't doing what he thought it would, only maybe half. I am now going for a CT scan with IV contrast of my BRAIN because maybe the problem is neurological since my digestive tests are coming back normal. Ugh. I am so sick of being sick. I tried to call the radiology place I went to last time and since the test has an IV and I am allergic to penicillin I can't go there because on the offchance I have a reaction they don't have the equipment for it. So I called the hospital to schedule and waited ten minutes and got disconnected, called again and waited twenty minutes and at 4:59 on the dot they sent me to voicemail as the place closed! UGH.

I ran lots of errands today besides being on the phone for forever. The vet, Dunkin Donuts and the pharmacy for mom, resealing the invites, making dinner... only to be called in to work to work closing shift and getting to eat McDonalds on my way and not my chicken :( Oh well.

Ok, sticking to it. It will all get done. Work tomorrow, job interview with a summer camp in DC on Wednesday... wish me luck!

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