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Monday, February 1, 2010

Promotion and Other Things

So Ryan picked up CPL today! I am so proud of him!

And then I find out he has duty on Valentine's Day so we will not be spending it together. We were going to have the whole house to ourselves as my family is going to the new house in NC for the weekend and I am home with the dog... so now I am just going to be by myself for the big VDay. It kind of sucks. I hate how used to the fact I am seeing him ever weekend almost now. He drives up to NJ and I get to spending the weekend with him, but he isn't coming this weekend as I am going down on Tuesday to do a marriage prep thing for the Corps and now he isn't coming for the long weekend. I just cannot wait until we can always be together. I can come home from work and he'll be there or when I wake up in the morning he will be.

Three months cannot come soon enough!!!

I started work at the pharmacy, from 8:30am-5pm Mon-Wed. So Kohls called me back today adn I am interviewing on Thursday and probably going to work there nights and some weekends when Ryan can't come up. I will definitely be keeping busy (and earning money) to say the least.

We have a DJ, picked out our menus, accumulated addresses, are waiting for our Save the Date cards, going to mail the invites, and set our songs. We are making a lot of progress, we still just really need transportation (yikes $$$!) and flowers. First dress fitting on Saturday!!! Wish me luck!

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