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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

God help us all....

My mom started a blog! My mom!!! Yes I know she reads this so don't get all huffy mom, I am just having one of those shocked moments like I had when you joined facebook. Anyway, for you curious people who want to read along...


She is doing a mother and the bride sort of thing with her blog and I am curious to see where she goes with it!

Ryan and I are still looking for apartments and have some that we like in our budget. Let's see where that goes.

I worked on our wedding invitations today, I had some offers from friends to make them but with our budget and time ordering them may just be easier. Which is a shame. So we're back to the original design I found a month ago. I am still floundering for transportation in budget. And I have to get the flowers at some point too.

Work at the pharmacy again tomorrow, 10am. Go figure the position I applied for at my friend Sara's job (the publishing company, they filled the job right before getting my resume), well the person who got it bailed. It is Mon-Fri 8-4:30 or 9-5 at $13.50 an hour! Double my hours and probably salary at the pharmacy. Ugh. ONE day! If I had known just ONE day. But they're going to call me for an interview anyway. So I will tell them my fiance got orders and I am moving in May... do you still want me for three months? If they want me to interview then I will go from there. I can't leave the pharmacy in a lurch, I accepted the job and that is that.

I had my test today for my stomach, a gastric emptying test. Basically I couldn't eat til 1pm, and when I did it was radioactive scrambled eggs that tasted like metal. Then I laid on a slab and had an xray on my chest and couldn't move. For two hours. So there was no tv, I couldn't read, no watch, and my ipod was too loud and once the test started I couldn't move. Towards the end I had to pee, my arms and legs were numb, I was cold, and I had a crick in my neck on top of being horribly nauseous and crampy. But they gave me a $3 gift card for the hospital cafe (woohoo pizza bagel) and a card I need to carry around for the next month saying I am radioactive. The next 48 hours are the worst but it lingers, so if I travel or go anywhere with security I have to show that.

Ok, I am exhausted, going to bed now.


  1. I hope they can find out what is going on, health wise.

    I think I might have missed something...where did Ryan get orders to? Where are you moving to?

  2. We're expecting him to get orders in August/September, he is still in DC right now. If the other place calls I am just going to tell them that so they don't think I will be here permanently. Or it won't look bad on my friend who recommended me when I leave after three months! So I am putting it all out there, sort of, for that phone call. Don't worry, nothing was missed!

    And I hope so too!

  3. I meant to tell you this last night, but I forgot. Frank just started a blog. I'm as shocked about this as I was about my mom getting Facebook. :)


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