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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Busy Little Worker Bee

People always want to know, when is the best time to come to Disney World? NOW. After Labor Day and before Halloween. The parks have people, but the crowds are so small! On a peak busy day EPCOT gets between 45,000 and 50,000 people, last thursday we had 13,000. A few days later we had 16,000. Like I said, you want to plan a future vacation? Do it in mid-late September!

So Friday... Guess what?? I got Ryan's letter! Or should I say letters! Oh they were wonderful, he is such an amazing writer and I cried reading them. He is a gifted poet and I read them all the time. They are now safely in my pillowcase so I can feel him there with me whenever I sleep. Corny or not as that is to do so I know it will make it super easy to dream of him that way. I miss him so much sometimes I can't even breathe, it hurts more than I can put into words. When my room mate Kayla texted me at work saying his letter arrived I literally jumped up and down. I was so excited to get home and read it and I literally ran up the stairs and into my apartment and tore into the envelope. I cuddled up in my not so comfy chair in my not so comfy costume and read it before doing anything else.

Friday at work I was kind of an idiot. So I get to work with about half an hour to spare and I go to clock in and the computer says, "It is too early to clock in for your 13:30 assignment." I mixed up Friday and Saturday's schedule! I didn't have to be in until 1:30! UGH. Luckily they needed help and they just let me clock in early and have a few more hours on my pay. I just felt bad because it meant I could have talked to you longer this morning! Damn damn damn. This morning was soooo busy too. EPCOT had what we call Extra Magic Hours tonight. Basically if you stay at a Disney Resort you can stay at the park after it "closes" at 9pm and stay til midnight or so. Basically we had a lot more people in the park than earlier this week. Usually we have a show going on (we can sit 30) and a show waiting... sometimes stragglers will come in and we will say the next show is in fifteen minutes and they leave and come back. Today we had a show in, 2 full shows in line, and stragglers waiting for a third! I like my show... but I would not wait 45 minutes to see it. Sorry! It isn't that amazing. Then of course this afternoon when I got back from my break, round the time I was supposed to come in at, it was normal once more. Typical.

Rumor alert! We have the possibility of an early homecoming!!! Some other girlfriends and wives were saying their guys all are sending their winter gear back now so they won't be needing it because they are coming home. Some are sold on October, but Ryan himself mentioned November/December isn't impossible. Oh. My. God. That would be amazing!! If they do not get another mission after this one they should be home. Keep your fingers crossed! I am still thinking February and trying to tune them out, but it is hard!!!! I feel so out numbered. Heck I know half the guys could even come back and Ryan might still be there. I would be pissed if that happened. I miss him so much.

AND Ryan finally got my pacakges! It only took them two months to get there. And one is still on the way, apparently. But yay! And the cake in a jar was good when it reached him. Small blessings.

Ok, I have to pause with this weekend. This is a long entry any way, so more to come....

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