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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back a few days...

So Monday my room mate Kayla and I went to Typhoon Lagoon, the water park. We went on all the slides and swam in the wave pool and MAN that was a workout. Swimming against those waves and floating in the deep water made my arms and legs almost hurt from all the effort! After that we went and got Halloween costumes so we can go to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. Kayla is going as a flower child/hippie and I am going as a 20s flapper girl. I will have to post pictures of it later..

BECAUSE I got another camera. Yea, sadly, my camera officially bit the bullet. I was not happy since it is the one Ryan gave me for our one year anniversary. I used my Disney discount and I got a discount using my visa so yay for saving money. Then I walk out of the store and I check the reciept and I realize I was charged $2.13 for the camera. Yea, very wrong. So being that I am me I go back in the store and say I think he rang me up wrong. Sure enough.... basically the man thanked me profusely and said he would have lost his job and not many people would do that blah blah blah. I couldn't walk away with something like that! No way. Who could!??! Well, I am sure people could but I defintiely couldn't.

So we got dinner and then went grocery shopping, I did laundry, and then we started cleaning. We have our first apartment inspection Tuesday. I now know how Ryan felt the night before field day! But when I was taking the garbage out to the dumpsters I tripped over a parking cement thing and literally tore off the tip of my big toe. It hurt so much. It is all bandaged up and throbbing. No fun.. At all.

I am working all the rest of this week. Seven days straight. So yay for lots of hours and money, but it is pretty exhausting. I worked 11-19:30 Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday 9:30-17:30. Friday and Saturday are shorter days, like 13:30-17:30 or so, then Monday is a whammy... my first twelve hour shift! Eek! I will be there from 8:45-21:30 then have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Is it bad I am looking forward to those already? (:

There is this sweet little old man at work who is literally the Innoventions Grandpa.... Grandpa Gordon. I've talked to him a few times, and today we sat and talked about Guardian Angels. He said if I lay in bed at night, quiet with no distractions or cellphones or tv, and just pray and ask my guardian angel to tell me their name, it will come to me. He said maybe not right away, but within 24 hours or so a name will pop into your head and you will just know. His is Abraham, and he prays with him and talks to him all the time. Everyone needs a guardian angel, Ryan is my guardian angel in camis, but I think I may try tonight and see. I was touched he told me about all that, Grandpa Gordon mentioned he has not told many people about that, but he knew it would mean something to me and felt like I should know.

My friend DeiTos (Kristin) emailed me saying she, Heather, and possibly Jason may come visit me soon. That is pretty exciting for me, I hope they do. I would love to have people around from school to hang out with. It is a plan in the works so we shall see.

What else? Not much truth be told. Oh! We got the white glove award for our inspection!!! Basically we were one of the rare few to get a high pass and our apartment got a huge box of ferrero roche chocolates and our picture taken in front of the door to be in the office. Sadly I was at work when this happened so I am the only room mate not in the picture. Damnit. But yay for us being overly neat/good cleaners. I literally put my blood sweat and tears into this, my toe still hurts like hell. Especially after being in work shoes and on my feet all day. It is not too happy with me at all.

Plus we also had a "suspicious object" found on a bus so all bus services were suspended while they checked it out. Nothing was wrong but we had a lot of irate guests who were stranded places. That one was on the news.

Tuesday at work I also got very sick. Chills, achy, fever, so needless to say they sent me home. After two hours into a ten hour shift. I didn't ask, I was told to leave! So I went home and slept. A lot. I read Ryan's poems before I go to sleep every night so I did that and it made me really miss him.

After, on Wednesday, I felt better so I returned to work. Worked Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and now it is Saturday. Oh, last night a group of about seven of us went and saw The Informant, a movie with Matt Damon. It was funny, but it got to be so confusing near the end. I was so confused I really had no idea what was going on. The business lingo was way above my head. It was about price fixing and embezzlement and I totally missed it. And of course after the previews and before the movie when it is dead silent and dark in the theatre I sneeze causing everyone to laugh and shout bless you at me. Oy. I was kind of embarassed for that, especially since the first bless you came from the back of the theatre and I had no idea who that was. But it was cool to hang out with people from work again and not be in a work setting!

I am feeling better today, managed to eat normally and finally feel close to myself again. I think today after work I will do my first gym venture! I finally feel up to it, so wish me luck. Ok, done being long winded now.

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