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Monday, August 3, 2009

Surprise Phone Call

This will be quick, just wanted to share! I was talking to Ryan on facebook chattoday and he was pestering me to tell him what was in the carepackage I sent (that he still didn't get). I was telling him "No! It has to be a surprise! There is so little I can do for you I can at least send you a surprise!" Then he wrote BRB. So I am sitting, and waiting. Couple minutes goes by. Then my phone rings, the house line. I don't technically live here anymore so I don't pick up, my Mom does. She comes in my room, smiling, and hands the phone over.

First thing I hear? "See, I can do surprises too!" He told me he had limited to no phone access so I found myself tearing up with the sound of his voice. It was amazing. I talked to him for about two minutes when the dreaded operator said, "Call has been lost. Please try again."


But he got back online and I talked to him a bit more. It is amazing how something so small, like a two minute phone call, can make my entire day.

More later!

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