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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tryon Palace

In early December we met up with my parents and brother and went in to New Bern, NC to see Tryon Palace (aka the Governor's Palace) decorated for Christmas. I wasn't feeling too well but we still had a fabulous time! We went for a really nice dinner at Morgan's Tavern (delicious French Onion Soup for me) and then went to tour the house.

We have been having such a mild winter that short sleeves have been completely common place! The house was beautiful and I didn't feel like interrupting the tour to take pictures inside. They lead you through beautifully decorated rooms and have actors in each telling the story of how the Queen's sister is visiting. You see everything from the lavish gowns dancing in the ballroom to the servants gossiping in the kitchen, it is really neat! After they had gingersnap cookies and hot apple cider for us to munch on. We also watched some blacksmiths working, a slack rope walker, a sword swallower, and a very impressive fireworks display! My mom got us all old fashioned candy sticks to munch on during the fireworks and it was just a supremely lovely evening.

Mostly these days I have been working, trying to get my stomach in order, and getting as much done for the holidays as I can!

Tonight we leave for my parents' house and then tomorrow we all drive the rest of the way up to New Jersey for Christmas. It is our first time back there since my best friend's wedding Memorial Day Weekend 2014, so it has been way too long!

I have been horrible with this blog, but hopefully we will pick up again soon.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

PS - Star Wars? AMAZING. I cried during the opening fanfare and I am NOT ashamed! ;)

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