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Friday, August 7, 2015

OBX 2015

Sometimes your husband has to work and you have to go do things without him. Over the years that has ranged from birthdays to graduations to funerals to trips. My parents' rented a house in the Outer Banks for a week and my Aunt, Uncle and three of my cousins joined all of us for a week of sun-filled relaxation. 

I wish Ryan could have joined The Dup and I, but sometimes some family time is just extremely needed. I had almost forgotten how awesome my cousins can be and what its like to pal around in a motley group and get into all sorts of shenanigans. And get made fun of for being "old" and talking like that!

My Aunt brought NJ Bagels (everything ones too!) just for me! I have some more in my freezer. Bliss.

The view from the top deck of our house showed just the slightest glimpse of ocean over the dunes. And it also showed some beautiful sunsets behind us.  We spent some hot mornings sitting on the faded wooden chairs as well as some cooler balmy nights.

The Dup was in heaven. Her Uncle Stefan is one of her most favorite people and she loves people. My Aunt Paulette quickly got in her good graces with some puppy cuddles, bum scratches, and long walks on the beach. Rylie girl is a true lab and loves the water and she went swimming a few times and chased the ghost crabs in the evening.

My cousins and brother built us fires on the beach most evenings and we roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. The boys even caught a crab or two and roasted them... and surprisingly they didn't taste too badly!

On one day we decided to take the ferry to Ocracoke Island. We didn't realize there would be a long wait, like almost two hours, but we stuck it out. I also was sitting in the trunk as my aunt, uncle, and one cousin bailed at the last minute taking the second vehicle with them. I wanted to go so my parents had me sit in the trunk. Luckily it is an open one to the rest of the vehicle! Normally the ferry ride is about 20 minutes but bad storms made the channel change and now going out and around takes about an hour. At least on the ferry we were allowed out of the car so I got some sea breeze to keep me cool!

View on the ferry
Once we made it to the island my brother, two cousins and I were excited to see the pony pens... thinking wild horses running on the beach. Nope. Wild horses in fenced in areas looking a lot like captive horses. We were a tad disappointed but we still hung out there for awhile. We then had a delicious lunch (crab cake sandwich for me!) before getting back on the ferry to go home.

The Dup got super spoiled. My Aunt had this blanket one night and Dup commandeered it!
We also took a trip to Kill Devil Hills one night to play some mini golf and eat at an Italian Restaurant. More so for the mini golf!! My cousins, uncle, brother and I had a blast. One cousin missed out since he had to go draft his fantasy football league. Sigh. Boys...

I may not have won but I did get the most holes in one (hole in ones?)! Three! Best I've ever done.

So my four days went by way too quickly and I had to return to work and the real world. I was definitely not looking forward to leaving, family time is too rare and precious, but I did miss Ryan! It was good to see him when I came home, slightly sunburned and a little weary from too much fun :P

Hopefully it won't be as long between my visits with extended family.

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