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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hungry Town Bike Tour and Fort Macon

In continuation of our redo of Labor Day Weekend we had reservations to do a Hungry Town Bike Tour of Beaufort and then to visit Fort Macon afterwards. I did the tour last year when Ryan was in Afghanistan and told him multiple times how much I enjoyed it, so he wanted to see for himself! When we woke up Saturday morning we saw a gray and drizzly sky. Checking the weather in Beaufort we did see it was raining and began to worry our bike tour would have to be cancelled. They called us and asked if we still wanted to try and we decided to go for it, luckily the rain stopped by the time we arrived and it didn't rain again the rest of the tour!
Ryan on his bike, license plate Chive ... of course!
No one else booked a tour for the day so we had our own private one! Betsy and David remembered me from last year and were once again so hospitable, they made the day so wonderful for us. We saw Blackbeard's house and went by the old cemeteries, gorgeous houses and other things all along the tour. It was different from the last one I went on so it was new for me too. With the rain making the usual lunch spot wet we were told our lunch would be at a local Bed and Breakfast, The Front Street Inn, which was absolutely gorgeous!
Outside the old cemetery.

The B&B was fantastic. The couple who owned it were really sweet and gave us a full tour of the entire house... I told Ryan we should come back for our anniversary or something one year to treat ourselves. We had dinner in their formal dining room and I almost felt guilty eating our sandwiches (albeit delicious ones) on their china!

My potato salad and croissant chicken salad sandwich were delicious. Ryan let me try one of his sweet potato chips and I even liked that (which says something since I don't like sweet potatoes)! And the accompanying glass of wine was lovely too.

Our bike tour came to an end all too quickly and we drove out to Fort Macon. It was interesting to walk through the visitor's center/museum and see all the conservation and nature work being done out there. When we made our way back outside it was drizzling a bit and the wind definitely picked up making it a bit chilly! Inside the fort itself we managed to stay warm and outside their were Civil War re-enactors to watch. We even got to see them shoot off one of the cannons!


Watching the re-enactors
On top of the fort

After the fort we did stop at the beach on our way back... compared to a lot of the other beaches we have been to lately it was huge! We will have to try and come back when it gets super warm again.

On our way home we stopped for Greek food at Santorini's, a new Mediterranean restaurant in Swansboro, and definitely were not disappointed. One of our favorite restaurants when we lived in Alexandria was a Greek Restaurant and we were sorely disappointed when we moved to North Carolina and saw none nearby. We had a sample platter of deliciousness that had us promising to return (dolamades, saganaki, and tzatziki), and that was before we had the baklava!
At home we cozied up and watch the Gamecocks win (unlike this past week) from the comfort of our living room couch.
It was definitely a terrific weekend!

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