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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lately... In Pictures

(Um, so, awkward... this was supposed to be published two weeks ago but I must have saved it as a draft by mistake. Oops. So excuse the double postings today.)

Things have been pretty average around these parts lately. Just normal day to day things. I did get a promotion at work (yay!) so I'm now an NF-2 working in reference as of this week. Couple that with a raise and full time hours and I'm a happy camper. It will still be an adjustment, my schedule is not set 7:30-4 anymore but anytime open to close, but we will make it work. 

Last week an old coworker of mine visited with her five month old daughter. She was cute and this text with my husband happened. Snuggle was supposed to be snuggly but my autocorrect didn't like it. Ryan thought it was hilarious.  
Lots of new restaurants are opening around here and doing FREE trials! One was Noodles & Company, which I loved in DC, so my friend Donna and I got a free entree, drink and dessert sampler! I love their pad Thai!

Ryan surprised me further last Friday when he remembered it was Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I came home to a six pack of ciders he built me, flowers and Reese's. That man knows the way to my heart for sure!

That night some friends of mine were in a performance of Who Killed the Kilt and I nearly died when my friends spotted Ryan and dragged him onstage to be in a part with audience participation. He was a good sport! Of course he blames me but I knew nothing about it! ;)

So things are moving along here. We're waiting to hear if Ryan's package for his SDA/B-Billet will be approved but it may be months before we know for sure. Fingers crossed and prayers please if you can spare them!

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  1. Fingers crossed!! And great job on the promotion!!


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