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Monday, April 7, 2014

Show Time

One of my favorite things in the world is having the opportunity to act and be on stage. It is definitely one of my life's passions and thankfully my husband is patient enough to deal with me being gone at night for months at a time and knowing the week pre show is a time we barely cross paths! As soon as we returned from our trip I jumped right into rehearsals fro A Doll's House where I was playing Mrs. Kristine Linde... a fun role pretty different from my usual ones  but I liked it a lot!

And no, I wasn't a brunette for the show, but our stage manager had some fun wigs for us to play with! Maybe one day if I am brave enough I will get bangs... or dye my hair again!

It is also a time to wear a lot, a lot, of make up! Luckily we had someone on make up this time because I am pretty terrible at it!

Our cast and crew were incredible... I loved getting to work with old friends and meet some new ones too! We tried to make Ibsen not so insufferable or stuffy so we actually set it in Barbie's Dream House. Nora constantly talks about being a doll, hence the title, so we played on it and went with it. We were also judged twice by adjudicators from the AC KCTF (American College Kennedy Center Theatre Festival) where students can be picked for scholarship opportunities and the show could go on to perform at the festival itself. I am not eligible obviously since I am not a student but it is still cool to get feedback from professionals!

The originals! Donna and Mel and I worked on The Mousetrap together two years ago!
Below are my costumes from Act I, Act II and Act III. The jewelry and shoes were mine as was the Act III dress but our designer said I could keep everything for once! Our costume designer was, er, wealthy and basically ignored her given budget and insisted we keep anything we wanted. Totally new experience for me!

Curtain Call
I wasn't in the paper like I was with the Mousetrap but I did make the online article version they posted! I am just in the background but it's still neat.

After the last show our costume designer insisted on taking everyone to Marrakesh for dinner. It was delicious! I was starving so I ate everything on my plate. We had flatbread and dips first then I had the three meat special with Shwarma, chicken kebobs, beef kebobs, rice and cucumber salad. Oh YUM.

For dessert I could not say no to baklava either.... fluffy, sweet and so delicious!

My parents came Saturday night and Ryan came both Friday and Saturday. The beautiful flowers they both gave me are sitting next to me as I type. Saturday night was our best audience and biggest.... 75 kids from the high school on base came and were such a wonderful audience. They laughed, gasped, and even clapped after a scene Felix and I had at the top of act III. It blew me away. Our judge even said if you can engage that many high schoolers you did something right.

I had this week to relax, no gym or rehearsal or anything else but work and time with Ryan. It's been really really nice. The library is open again too, construction complete. And the weather is finally back on track too, hello 80 degrees (to be fair I wrote this all Friday for publishing Monday so that may not last)!! I will take it! Hopefully now I can blog more regularly too. Whew.


  1. That is sooooooo cool!!!!!!

  2. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award on my post today!! http://www.mommymandymusings.com/2014/04/kickin-it-old-school.html

  3. Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award on my post today!! http://www.mommymandymusings.com/2014/04/kickin-it-old-school.html


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