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Thursday, April 12, 2012

SpouseBUZZ Live!

This is long overdue! With PCSing in just four days my blogging has fallen behind but I have to try and catch up a bit.

Flying to 29 Palms with SpouseBUZZ was an amazing experience. I got to meet some truly wonderful bloggers like Lori from Witty Little Secret , Sarah, Jacey and Ms Vicki from SpouseBUZZ and Kristle from Forget the Dog Not the Baby.

I was up at around 4am and at the airport and across the country before I was fully awake. The Palm Springs Airport is easily the most gorgeous airport I have ever been to. It was outside and sunny and so warm. Virginia was a brisk 40 degrees when I left and Palm Springs was in the upper 80s! Bliss.

We met up in the airport and went for a delicious lunch together before driving up to 29 Palms to check in to our hotel. It was fancy and on an outdoor patio and delicious. We used the time to get to know one another, just chat and fill in our stories a little bit outside of the internet.

At the hotel we sat out by the pool, remembered to rush and buy Mega Millions Lottery Tickets, and just vegged. Ryan met me there after class and we all hung out and did a rehearsal of our Lightening Talks for the next day. These women are incredible, I was very nervous to be speaking with them, but they made me feel very relaxed and confident in their presence.

We were up bright and early the next day to head to the O Club on base for the conference itself. The spouses that came were pretty terrific too! We all gave our talks first, mine was about GeoBachelorhood... aka the last nine months of my life.

After the talks we broke out into focus groups and made top ten lists that correlated with the topics we discussed, mine being (naturally) 10 Advantages for GeoBachelorhood. I thought nine months was rough... some of the wives in my group have been doing it for YEARS. One woman's husband was in 29 Palms and she is in Utah with their two kids, working full time, for the past three years. And there is not really an end in sight for them.

After that the girls insisted Ryan and I take off and spend time together. They knew being apart was rough and Ryan helped with set up and the like so they were appreciative! My husband scored some brownie points! He borrowed a friend's car and we drove back to Palm Springs to check in to our next hotel. After a nap we went out and FINALLY saw the Hunger Games (SO good!) and went out to a nice dinner.

The next morning I was flying back to Virginia

I hope I get to go to another SpouseBUZZ event in the future. Jacey, Randy, Vicki, Lori, Sarah and Kristle were fabulous and the weekend was a learning experience as well as a blast. If they ever hold an event in your area... GO! It is worth it, even if you do have to wake up early on a Saturday!


  1. It sounds like a wonderful time! The mountains in the background of the photos look beautiful! Glad that you got to spend time with your husband too! :)

  2. Sounds like such a fun experiences!


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