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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Well, She's Not Boring

Life with Rylie will certainly never be boring.

Last night Carrie and I went to do laundry and Adam kept an eye on Rylie for me. Well she was bad with Adam having not one but TWO accidents in his apartment (mind you it has been a long time since she has peed in mine). Mortified Mommy. Adam said it was no big deal but I still felt awful. Plus at the vet the other night she got a deworming dose and of course that night I notice she had a worm :( The vet said since she JUST had a dose it was fine, but if in a day or two I still saw them to bring her in.


Well Carrie and I get home pretty late from laundry so Rylie is chilling unsupervised (I am trying in SMALL doses here) in the living room. As I get the last clothes put away I hear a CRASH, almost like dishes falling. Well I use paper plates most nights when it just me so I was very confused on the sound. I step into the living room in time to see Rylie speed by me and fly into the bedroom. She won't even look at me.

Uh oh.

SOMEONE climbed on the table and pulled the Scentsy down. Normally I don't have it on when she is in the apartment having free reign but silly me turned it on before going to do laundry and forgot to turn it off. Sigh. Hot Welcome Home scented wax all over my wooden floor. And wall. And lamp.

I get a scrubby sponge from the kitchen and begin to try and remove it when I realize Rylie has not left the bedroom yet. I go check on her and I see my puppy is half purple. Apparently some of it got her on the way down so her back side, back paws and tail were purple. PURPLE. And waxy. So I abandon my scrubbing and try to get it off her with my hands. No dice. I get out the brush and did a little better but not enough.

So into the tub pup pup goes. She did better this time but she kept drinking the water! I usually do not give her water after 8 or so as it prevents her from waking up in the middle of the night. Here she is drinking gross, waxy, soapy bathwater! Ugh! I tried to hold her head up but I couldn't do that and scrub her and brush her at the same time. Between the shampoo, washcloth and brush I got most of it off. She only has slightly faint purple looking fur on the back and a few dots on her legs I couldn't get off.

I toweled her off and blow dried her as much as she'd let me and then took her on a LONG walk outside. It is after 11 at this point. Then I showered since I smelled like wet puppy and passed out in my bed near midnight. Just as I started to doze the husband called a little after midnight. Needless to say we just said good night instead of our usual phone call.

Sigh indeed.

Rylie pup... you make my life interesting if nothing else!


  1. My dog knocked over my Scentsy as well. It was all over my carpet and wall. I had to take a piece of paper towel and put my iron on low heat to pull out the wax. Roland also had orange wax all over his back legs. Not fun, not fun at all! Glad to hear you got most of the wax off of Rylie! :)

  2. Awe I'm getting a puppy soon! Puppy fever ;) but I want ask you something what's you'd email ?

  3. Oh no! It's funny to read, but I think I'd be less amused to go through it all!


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