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Friday, August 5, 2011

Make Me Smile

I LOVE I Love Lucy. This article is motivation like no other. I definitely am going to do that audition at the end of August! There is a marathon on Hallmark Channel this weekend, I totally plan on watching it.

I also love Bloopers. This one definitely made me giggle.

This quote made me actually laugh at work... Fred is one of my favorite characters in the Harry Potter series.. and if you have not read book seven you may want to skip this part!

"(When Book 7 Deathly Hallows came out) We were in Japan actually, when it was released. And the Japanese version hadn’t come out, but the English version was out there. So, I got it, and ‘cause I was on holiday, I turned my phone off so nobody could tell me what happened. I blitzed through it in like two days. I couldn’t put it down. I remember I was on the bullet train and the part what happens to Fred, and I was like [makes distressed sound]… and literally at that second the ticket guy came around, asking for my ticket and I was like, ‘I just died, mate. Leave me alone!’"
— James Phelps aka Fred Weasley

I finally got my VA tax return check in the mail. This week. Plane ticket fund has grown!

Our company newsletter had this to say...

One large movement is the Power IT Down
initiative which asks all of us to power
down our PCs, monitors, printers and other
peripherals for one day on August 26th. For
those who sign up, the sponsors will make
a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project
which supports injured service men and
women. What a wonderful way to commit to
reducing energy while supporting a fabulous
cause that reinforces the fact that we should
slow down just a bit and relax. If you run into a
client who will be on vacation on August 26th,
ask them to visit http://poweritdown.org. Although
Carr Workplaces can’t participate
fully and shut down on that day, we will
employ some measures to reduce the energy
load from our network and servers.

We cannot do it, but we are encouraging our clients to! You should too!

Last night I was outside and my neighbor Brittanie came out with Mollie. Mollie charged at me and said hi and jumped in my lap and smothered me with kisses. Britt said I needed a snuggle buddy and gave me Molly for the night. And she did snuggle with me! But she came in and ran all over the place whining and looking for Ryan. How do I know? Because she ended up stopping outside of his closet, sitting, whining and looking at me like, "I smell him in there, let him out!" I opened the door and she sniffed around and looked at me again before just jumping into our bed and curling up on Ryan's pillow. But she did snuggle with me all night!

Sadly... not much else.

My manager is off today and my coworker left at 2 for a doctors appointment... so I am alone in the office. Just what I need right? I have plans with Carrie tomorrow, maybe Mount Vernon. For the first time in a long time I am dreading a weekend. It will be a lot of empty space and time that I just am not looking forward to trying to fill.

At least Ryan has a room now and can settle. Maybe we can try and skype this weekend, if he can get it to work on my old lap top!

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  1. I LOVE I love lucy too!! one of the best! and I hope you are able to have a skype session soon


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