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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dream Vacation with Skinnie Piggie

Thank you to Skinnie Piggie for helping me out with a guest post while Ryan and I are in Myrtle Beach! When you go on this amazing vacation I think I will hide in your suitcase, this sounds amazing! Thanks for the post (:

My dream vacation is quite literally a dream situation. I want to go on an around the world cruise, stopping in all the major seaports there are... Australia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Japan, The Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize, Jamaica, Brazil, South Africa, Madagascar, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, The UK... I think you get the picture! The reason the vacation is such a dream is because most "World Cruises" only hit about 7-10 locations, take 80-160 days, and cost upwards of $55,000 per person! But a girl can dream right?

I would love to have a portion of the ship chartered to my family & close friends, I can't think of a better group of people to go around the world with. While this does guarantee some arguments, I wouldn't want to experience it without the people I love the most. The beauty of a cruise ship is that (besides alcohol) it's all inclusive- there are no cover charge for the clubs on board, the nightly entertainment doesn't cost anything, there is always something going on, the deck is quite literally your playground- complete with pools, hot tubs, ice cream bars, snack shacks, some even have running and rollerblading areas, a flowmaster surf wave, and ziplines! Also, in this form of travel you get a room with at least a bed & bathroom, most are like mini hotel rooms. So anyone, even grandparents can cruise as long as the flight to the departure destination doesn't bother them. Also, you don't have to worry about finding a hotel in each location- at night you simply get back on the ship and resume your activities the next day.

While I'm dreaming I'd want to have a photographer (or two) tag along, which seems silly if you know me. I LOVE TAKING PHOTOS. However, for this adventure it would be nice to not be the person behind the camera, not worrying about getting the shot while my husband is telling me to hurry because I'm missing out on what the tour guide is saying, well... you get the idea. I mean how awesome would it be to just live - yet still have those memories through photos?

I want to experience the cultures, foods, local sights & sounds of each place. I want to make friends all over the world. Mostly, I want to see this beautiful place God made for us. Guess I better keep dreaming, right?

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  1. That sounds so amazing!!! Ahhh to dream :)


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