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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Swap!

Beckie over at Turn for the Nurse was my partner for this Spring Swap and I am so excited by my goodies!! We exchanged emails for ideas and Beckie totally hit the nail on the head with me.

Everything was in my favorite color, blue. It was cute with springy tissue paper and even a gorgeous little spring card. (My swap partners always show me up with packaging and cuteness, but I am trying to get better! She also satisfied my chapstick addiction with Pomegranate Burts Bees, the best kind! I also got some springy blue candles, which Ryan loves as he is tired of my cinammon/fall ones. There was a book, Hummingbird Lane, that I am going to read during my lunch breaks in the near future! Beckie said it was about a pediatric surgeon, so I will be sure to let her know what I think! Then my inner chocoholic danced for joy! A box of chocolate goodies (like chocolate covered pretzels), chocolate peanutbutter frogs, and a Truffle pig candy bar. SCORE. So loving the chocolate!

Thanks for sending me a great bit of Spring Beckie! I hope your package gets to you soon (parts one and two, I finally got the thing I got you on etsy and in the mail yesterday!) and that you like them.


  1. how fun!! omg...those chocolates look amazing! beckie did an awesome job!


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