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Friday, April 15, 2011


Join up with Churchy and Her Sailor

We are still pending. Every day this week has been agonizing. I am jumping at every text from my husband hoping it is something. After having such a bubble of hope on Monday I feel it slowly deflating. And now since it is the weekend we have another garunteed 48 hours of no news. UGH. Do they not realize how frustrating this is?! How our entire future is hanging in the balance here?? Just give us something here.

Every night this week we have made it to mass and I am proud of us for that. I even made confession Monday night! It has helped us greatly. The entire mass we're in our own thoughts and prayers but physically together... holding hands, his arm around me, my head on his shoulder, something. Although it is hectic to race home from work, eat and get out the door less than an hour later to drive up there in rush hour, it has been nice. Our church offers nightly mass every weeknight through Easter, and I may push for us to keep doing this the next week or two. After that there is an evening mass each Wednesday, so maybe we can do that.

Faith is what is keeping me from falling completely to pieces over this. Faith and my wonderful husband.

Enjoy your weekends all! Keep your fingers crossed for us for just a little longer.

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