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Monday, February 28, 2011

Proud By Liv

My next guest blogger is Liv! I found her blog a few months ago and she has quickly taken off in the blogging world. She is one of the strongest and sweetest people I think I have ever encountered (and she has wonderful taste in shoes... if you change your mind on those red Prada pumps you know where to find me!). Make sure you show her some love!

Hey Yall, This is Liv from Simnply Sunshine and Daisys!

I am very excited to be blogging for Allie while she is away on recovery. She is such a sweet friend and I hope I can do her blog a great guest post!

So, a time when I was most proud is what Allie wants me to talk about!

I was most proud as a young child learning sign language to talk with a girl in my 3rd grade class that was deaf. We were not told to do it nor was it a must, but I did it because I love talking and I wanted to talk to this little girl so badly because I liked her dresses that she wore everyday! My grandpa was so proud of me that he bought me one of the dresses like hers once I learnt where she got them! He even started doing it with me! I was so very happy that whole year and proud!

In my middle years I was faced with drugs and drinking and I never once allowed myself to be taken down by it. I was a young teen when I was raped as a result of a young man being under the influence at a party, and I am proud that I have forgiven myself for going to that party and being a normal teen! I did nothing wrong, and that makes me proud.

As an adult I am proud that I still have my faith after I was diagnosed with many different forms of cancer. I have maintained my lady like southern grace of loving my lord and that makes me most proud right now.

Thanks Allie for letting me guest post for you!

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