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Monday, February 7, 2011

Is this thing on?

My blog has hit a bump. I am just doing everything so samey that it is not worth writing about. I go to work, I come home and watch Netflix with my husband, then I sleep. Exciting right? :P

Attention Guest Bloggers!

I still have the posts some of you sent me.... but I am still waiting on a few! I am also willing to take on some new people! My surgery has been rescheduled for February 23 so the posts will appear from the 23rd until March 2nd. Feel free to comment or email me at imyewneek@yahoo.com I have a broad range of topics, people wrote about everything so far from being bored to the benefits of eating out to PCSing. If you want a theme... how about change? I am hoping this surgery will change a lot of things for the better so why not!

Thanks to those who sent me some already. I love 'em! If anyone else can send one my way I will love you too.

Just sayin'.

Oh! Something to write about. My work computer got a virus Friday. Scared the bejeezus out of me, some of those pop ups were definitely NSFW! But the IT guy fixed it. He had to dial in to my computer and reset the darn thing. I lost all my favorites, my saved email addresses, contacts... oh it sucked royally. The reason for the virus? Yahoo mail.



I don't think so. But whatever. I won't open yahoo on this computer again. I have my itouch to check that so it's fine.

Saturday Ryan and I got Epic Mickey for the Wii. It's pretty cool, but after awhile I get frustrated and have to quit. Which is good because it won't steal my focus for hours and hours!

Sunday we went to our friends' house to watch the game. I made my famous meatloaf and my family's famous cornbread. We didn't care for either team so we decided to root for the Packers. Hey, good pick! :P

Thanks for stickin with me guys.


  1. I just realized I never sent you a guest post. I have like 3 to write this week, so I just added you to the list! Sorry!!

  2. So, i will send you my guest post, but I have to start over.. ha. I didn't like it and I am writing a new one :)

  3. Oh I can totally sympathize about the work computer - mine died a horrible death last week and had to be resurrected from the ground basically over a couple of days. Nightmare! If you are still in need of guests for while you are away, let me know, I'll be happy to cook something up!


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