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Thursday, January 13, 2011

At least it's Thursday...

... and not Monday.

I went to bed early last night because I was just zonked. I think I was out like a light by ten pm. Party animal right? Ryan had a pretty rough day so he was a little cranky but he didn't do too badly. After I got home I showered and then we went to Church. We didn't get lost this time! Weekday masses are always condensed, no singing and only one reading besides the gospel. So we were out of there in way under an hour. This new church seems ok so far, but I need to see a Sunday mass to figure out if I like it or not! Since my mother-in-law and her sister (my aunt-in-law?) will be here this weekend we probably won't go. I am the only Catholic in the bunch so yea... it would be just me or no one. May have to wait a week :(

After mass we went and got some Five Guys. Man oh man those burgers threaten to stop your heart mid beat but I love them! And their fries! Yum!

So we got home, I made it through one episode of Lie to Me, then crashed. I think Ryan watched another one or two so now I have to play catch up :P


This morning I wake up and grab what I think is my black sweater to wear to work. I get halfway to the office before I realize it is Ryan's sweater that he accidentally shrunk in the wash. Gah. It fits me oooook, but I've been tugging on it all day! And it is not as soft as it looks. Boo. The taking out pork from the freezer to defrost I hit a glass in the sink and it broke. Damn. Then I forgot my lunch.


Plus the hospital tried to call me today to fill me in on everything I need to know for my surgery, but since I was on the phone with a client I missed the call on my cell! I listened to the voicemail and called right back and got no answer. The same with the four other times I tried today. They better call me tomorrow! I am getting antsy here, it is less than two weeks away and I feel so unprepared!

Now I am waiting around at work for a client who is "running late". Oh well, at least I get a little overtime pay. Hopefully.

Tomorrow's Friday!

Thank you Lord.


  1. I have grabbed one of Jacob's shirts before and put it in an over night bag when I went to stay with family out of town, thank god my cousin was the same size as me because I couldn't wear a men's t-shirt all day, haha.


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