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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Man Oh Man...

Have I been slacking or what?

I mean, blog-wise.

Life-wise, ohhh nosiree Bob. (Ever wonder who bob is anyway? It's like no way Jose... I actually said that to my friend Jose in Disney once and nearly lost it... anyway, focus Allie, you're blogging. Ok got it.)

So backing up a bit, last Friday I opted not to have lunch and left work an hour early. Ryan and I then went over to the Gaylord National and saw the Ice Exhibit of the Grinch. It was AWESOME. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. You would not believe this entire thing was made of ice! Except for maybe the fact that it was 9 degrees in there and we had to all wear borrowed parkas. Aside from the cool (no pun intended) sculptures there was also an ICE SLIDE we could go down!! Fun fun fun.

We then went out to dinner at Cadillac Ranch for amazing burgers before heading home. Sadly the hubster had duty Saturday so it was the day for me to be extra busy. The apartment got a much needed cleaning, presents were wrapped, Ryan took laundry with him which I picked up and put away at the end of the night... it was quite a busy day.

Sunday we went out to breakfast, saw Tron, got Ryan a new jacket (note: the mall is insane the week of Christmas, just to let you know...) and I made meatloaf for dinner.

Otherwise work has been crazy busy. Tons of mailing and packages and billing to boot... so I am trying here! I am still reading all my blogs, but I am just bad at writing at the moment.

Thanks for sticking with me! Two more days of work!


  1. Ice exhibit of the Grinch? That sounds super cool (there's that pun again!).

    And hey I just noticed that you signed up on milblogging.com (they show all the newest members on the top left sidebar). Good for you! I added you to my favorites. (You can favorite yourself and then you'll have 2!). I don't know if you played around on the site at all, but if you scroll down, on the left you can click on mil spouse blogs, and it will show the top favorites. That's just an easier way to find other mil spouses if you're interested!

    I'm going on hiatus after today, so I'll catch up with you after the new year. Merry Christmas!

  2. The ice exhibit sounds super cool!!!
    How was Tron? I want to see that.

    And Jacob and I went out to the mall a few days ago... I completely agree with you! Sadly, I have to brave Target on my lunch break today.


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